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What team/gender
ssb2007 posted:
What team are you on?

I'm on green team.

For those who don't know.

Green team: Finding out the gender
Yellow team: Not finding out the gender
Pink team: Girl
Blue team: Boy
Plaid: Boy/Girl twins.

I'm pretty sure that's all the teams. I guess it used to be more fun when we all had siggies on the old webmd format.
Chocolatemoca responded:
Hoping for the blue team. So right now I'm on the green team.
jen93727 responded:
Hoping for the pink team but won't find out until June it's green team until then
Nykole83 replied to jen93727's response:
Green team for now.......hoping to be on the Blue team soon!!
hdfields responded:
I would like to remain on yellow team, but think I may switch and join my DH on green team when the time comes. My DH would love to be on the Pink Team

dino44 responded:
I am on the yellow team. We didn't find out with DD, and it was so much fun!
MsMollyMac responded:
I am on the yellow team. We found out with my daughter, and we decided whenever we had another we wanted to be surprised in the delivery room! If I had to guess, I would say its a boy, because I am much more queesy this time.
ssb2007 replied to MsMollyMac's response:
I am on the green team, I'm WAY too impatient. I have no preference. We have a girl, and who knows, this could be our last, so having a boy would be nice. But I would also love to give DD a sister. If I got to pick I would say I would like a girl. Then we can wait 5yrs have another child, that one be a boy, 2yrs later have another boy. That way we get boys and girls. The girls have a sister the boys have a brother. Everybody is happy. Or the 2 boys later down the road can be twins, 1 pregnancy get it all over w/ in one swoop.
CJ7860 replied to ssb2007's response:
Green team.

Melissa (32) Keith (34) Madison (4.5) EDD 12/4
MoDavis82 responded:
I am 9 weeks right now I am on the green team. I can't wait to find out what I am having. I have 2 sons already and my husband would love a daughter. I think I am ok either way, just exicted to know so I can start shopping ;-D
TinaRaine responded:
As of right now, im torn between the yellow team and the green team. I'd be happy with a boy or a girl. DH is 100% on the gree team, so we'll probably find out.
MNMommy3 responded:
Green team hoping for the Blue team.. again! (Already have 12yo and 5 yo DS).
pooh4disney responded:
green team all the way
suzherr responded:
Green team all the way! :^)
martinawilliams responded:
Im on yellow team but im hoping ill be on the pink team on my due date.

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