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When do you move up?
I turned 13 weeks yesterday, so do I wait until I'm out of the 13th week or do I go ahead and move up??

What do you ladies normally do?
jenfur79 responded:
I will be moving when I am 13weeks. Most women move when they are 13wks.
Me(30) DH(34) DD(10) DS(2) New LO EDD 12/28/2010-On the green team, but thinking it will be Pink soon!
NIKKIPIERCE replied to jenfur79's response:
Thanks Jen! I'm not sure how all of this works.. I never used these type of sites during my first pregnancy.. I love it though! Chatting with other mommies-to-be and seeing that I'm not the only one with worries...
jenfur79 replied to NIKKIPIERCE's response:
No problem I found this site during my 2nd pregnancy and lived on these boards! LOL I have made some great online buddies who I chat with and text with on a daily basis, it's great to have other women who are going through the exact same things.
Me(30) DH(34) DD(10) DS(2) New LO EDD 12/28/2010-On the green team, but thinking it will be Pink soon!
coffeehouse7 replied to jenfur79's response:
NO JEN! Don't leave, I just found you!

When are you 13 weeks??
~~ Me (39) DH (38) DS (2 1/2) EDD (Jan 29, 2011) ~~
CJ7860 replied to coffeehouse7's response:
It used to be 12w5d, now it appears to be 13 weeks...? So, I guess I will move up Saturday.

I did the boards with my first pregnancy. And met such a great group of girls, that we've had our own forum since leaving her in 2005. Many of them even get together from all over the country. I love when girls are so supportive of each other.
Melissa (32) Keith (34) Madison (4.5) EDD 12/4/2010
jenfur79 replied to coffeehouse7's response:
LOL aw! I am only 9 weeks so I still a month you can add me on facebook if you would like
Me(30) DH(34) DD(10) DS(2) New LO EDD 12/28/2010-On the green team, but thinking it will be Pink soon!
jen93727 responded:
I missed my move up day! Lol...I will turn 14 weeks 2mrw so I guess I better stop lolly gagging along and just move up already. I used the boards during my last pregnancy in 06' but I didn't find them until my 2nd trimester. I enjoyed it though so now I'm back. I love reading that I'm not the only one going thru some of these crazy things, lol.
Chocolatemoca responded:
I'll be moving up when I hit13wks on Sunday.
martinawilliams responded:
I'll be 13 wks next wednesday and ill be moving up then. Cant wait to be sporting a baby bump instead of just looking chubby lol
Marty(19), BF(47), New, EDD: Dec.10.2010. Want the sex to be a surprise yet hoping for a girl
tavie11 replied to martinawilliams's response:
I'll be 13wks next Wed. as well. I can't wait to move up and said goodbye to 1st trimester. I will miss you all but will see you on the other side
xiri16 responded:
I have two and a half weeks until I move up. Everything at this point is taking too long--except, unfortunately, the time until our move on Tuesday. We still have much packing to do, and can't even go to the post office tomorrow to send some of the stuff. Aaahhhh.
Tami Due Dec 25, 2010

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