bright yellow discharge
mommie2sweetpea posted:
I am sure it is nothing, but I just came from the bathroom and there was a bright yellow discharge in my panties(sorry, TMI) when I wiped there was still some there. No funny smell or cramping, but I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else. TIA
jadedstar responded:
Discharge I think is somewaht normal I been swimming from time to time in it yuck I know dont think u should worry unless u see pink or bright red besides that yellow tans whites sound normal to me

just my opinion always check with ur OB to be sure
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redmom23 responded:
Vaginal Discharge isn't usually bright in color, but it sounds like it may have been mixed with some urine. I know I'm having a hard time not peeing everytime I sneeze (which is often right now with pollen allergies). I would call and describe it to the nurses, just to be sure. Not all infections cause strange odors.
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mommie2sweetpea replied to redmom23's response:
Thanks. I think it may have been mixed with urine cause I went to the bathroom and did not see it again.