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    a little different situation on a fact finding mission re risperdal, lithium and depakote
    mimiheart posted:
    My situation is a bit different. We are in the final stages of adopting my great-grandaughter who is now 21/2 (we have been with her since birth, but she became "ours" at age 5 months). Anyway.. her bio mom, my eldest grandaughter was taking risperdal, lithium and depakote during and throughout her first trimester and into her second before the grouphome would test her for pregnancy even tho we told home that she was pregnant so they continued to give her meds. Her beautiful baby girl was born and as it turns out has issues. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE ON A FACT FINDING MISSION ONLY! The baby has oral aproxia, lack of core muscles (read unable to sit up from prone to supine w/o help. sooo seeking answers to qualify her for O/T
    redmom23 responded:
    I have a friend with a child who has similar issues. In her case this was not caused by drugs or any kind of medications during pregnancy and her other three kids are perfectly normal and healthy. The issues by them selves, regardless of the cause, qualify her for O/T and many other services (such as a special school). If you do a web search on each medication plus pregnancy you should find the kind of answers you want, but services should not be dependent upon proof the medications caused the problems.
    Me(32), DH(32), DD(7), DD(5), DS(3), EDD - 1/1/11
    nsteve responded:
    Is there a United Way Foundation in your area? They should have some time of program to help. For free too.
    mimiheart replied to redmom23's response:
    Thank you for answering. Alas, with the current budget cuts, our little one is on HMO medical and was turned down even by Childrens' Hospital, so her social worker told me if I could find info she will be happy to take it before the judge in this case and get a court order. I have been doing searches, but can't seem to find a "connect" until I found this site. And unfortunately, services are, at this point in time dependent upon maybe not actual proof but that there MIGHT be a connection. Without the court order, once we adopt our insurance company can refuse to cover we have found out by stating that it is a "pre-existing condition". So you can see why I am being a mama bear and pro-active. If you know of any links please send them to me. Many Thanks.
    mimiheart replied to nsteve's response:
    Actually, no United Way said it is an adoption court problem, and San Diego Regional Center said since Medical HMO turned her down thru Childrens Hospital, we are on our own sort of.... Baby has a FANTASTIC social worker who promised me that if I can find even a hint of a link, that she will take my research to the judge and get a court order so that treatment will be court ordered.... Not even Childrens' would dare to disobey a court order....I have been trying to find links, but when I look up the meds, I can't find info and I know that if I just network, someone somewhere "has been there, done that".... So networking is always a great way to start....but, if you know of a link (the ones I found just lead me in circles til I found this one) ... So I am asking other mommies to help me find info... Thank you for answering.
    redmom23 responded:
    Risperdal: This is the link to the drug facts and indications. Basically says its a class C drug and should only be taken by a pregnant woman if benefits outweigh risks. I would immagine that would be enough for the court. If the docs took your granddaughter off the drugs eventually they obviously thought the benefits did not outweigh the risks.

    Lithium: This is a great article outlining the risks to fetus if mom takes it, particularly in the first trimester.

    Depakote: Again, the rx list for the drug. It's catagory D, meaning extremely dangerous to developing embrio and fetus.

    I hope these links help. I tried to avoid any sites that looked like they had any agenda other than just putting out the info and these looked like to best. There are links to the actual studies so you can look into them further. I would think though, that this would be enough for the court. I wish you the best.

    If you need a lawer in the San Diego area my mom is a family law attorney. Her office is in Encinitas and she could certainly help you through this process.
    Me(32), DH(32), DD(7), DD(5), DS(3), EDD - 1/1/11
    mimiheart replied to redmom23's response:
    Dear Friend,
    WOW Redmom, Thank You Soooo Much!!! Can you email your Mom's phone, email or whatever to me or have your wonderful mom email me at femonthebeach@yahoo .
    U R AWESOME!!!

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