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First Ultrasound??
stefms21 posted:
Is a 12 week ultrasound standard? This is my first pregnancy so I have no idea what exactly involved every apt. I have my first real dr apt next Wednesday and the nurse said I will just be having blood tests and my Pap done. I haven't been having any trouble but I just want to see the baby so that we know everything is fine and I can get a real EDD. Should I ask for one? Could it be an insurance thing? Please help, any words of advice are appreciated.
MRSKuhns responded:
Thats what i was told by a lot of women, but I had my first US at my first appointment. They said it was just to make sure that there was only one baby, and to be sure of the gestational age. And that is normal for the doctor I see.

It was great, this is my first pregnancy too. At the appointment they asked my husband and I about our family medical/genetic history, did a pap smear since i was due for one, had me pee in a cup, and took some blood. They also answered any questions we had, and gave us a bag of pregnancy and baby magazines, with prenatal samples, and other pamphlets. Oh and they weighed me and did a basic health check, kind of like when you go in for a physical. :)
fiannakyn replied to MRSKuhns's response:
12 weeks is the "standard" because by then there wont be the scare of "I cant see the baby" that can happen earlier. My sister had that, she was high risk so the doc ordered a u/s at 6.5 weeks but warned her they might not see anything yet. sure enough they couldnt find the baby, had her come back at 8.5 weeks and found what the doc "thought" might be the baby. and finaly at 12 weeks they found the baby and saw the heartbeat just fine.
stefms21 replied to MRSKuhns's response:
So do you think I should ask for an us when I go next week or just wait until the 20 wk one? I don't want be high-maintenance for the doctor already. lol
Babygr123 replied to stefms21's response:
I would ask for one. :-)
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truewyatt responded:
usually most insurances only cover 2 u/s. on my first visit I had a trans-vaginal one.
I had an u/s at my OBs office and I had to be referred out to the main hospital because I had a mass that turned out to be nothing. I will be having my gender u/s in 3 weeks and probably another one towards the end of the pregnancy.
breezy_83255 responded:
I had one at my 8 week appointment with all three pregnancies and then one at 20 weeks. With DD2 I had one the day of delivery to varify that she was breech. My sister only has one at 20 weeks. Her doctor does not do one any other time. She even had to wait for her 20 week ultra sound to tell her all was well when her 1st trimester screen tests came back abnormal.
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jessica5289 replied to breezy_83255's response:
You are going to get a wide range of what is considered normal. Some docs wont do a first tri ultrasound at all, some do them as a standard test and some do them only when medically necessary. I know I have ultrasounds every 4 weeks and as far as insurance goes they pay for them. Most insurances will pay for more then 1 or 2 ultrasounds if the doc says it's medically necessary. I hope I helped a little. I hope you get to see your little one soon.
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MRSKuhns replied to stefms21's response:
I provides peace of pp said though 12 weeks seems to be standard, so I would just wait until then if they don't do one. When my doctor said they were gonna do an utrasound that day I was surprised...

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