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Baby Belly!!!
tmrrmr4ever posted:
I'm 7w 1d and I'm seriously already getting a baby belly?? I thought it was just bloating but it keeps bigger each week. When I got pregnant I weighed 100 lbs so is this normal?????
Beeeks responded:
That's totally normal! When I got pregnant with my first, my jeans didn't fit at 8wks due to baby belly even though I'd actually LOST weight due to morning sickness!
tmrrmr4ever replied to Beeeks's response:
Yeah at 5 weeks I was starting to get it then I got really bad morning sickness for a week and lost it but now it's all back and getting bigger lol. I'm so excited! My jeans are starting not to fit lol.
Hamilton99 responded:
I'm at 5w5d and I am feeling the same way. I haven't had any morning sickness yet and at first I thought I was just bloated...but my jeans don't fit very well now and I've found myself wearing elastic and dresses almost constantly! If we're all experiencing it, it has to be normal! Right?
tmrrmr4ever replied to Hamilton99's response:
I hope so lol. My sister said during both of her pregnancies she gained the weight and lost weight throughout them.
Babygr123 replied to tmrrmr4ever's response:
With both of my girls I didnt start showing until later (20wks and then 13ish wks) I thought this time would be the same. I woke up this morning and was like HOLY MOLY! I'm just over 11 wks and I officially have my baby bump. This is my 3rd so I think that must have something to do with it.
Amanda(24) DH(27) DD1(2) DD2(6 months) 3rd babe on the way! EDD 2/23/11 Yellow Team
tmrrmr4ever replied to Babygr123's response:
That is exciting!!!! GL!
joellelewis responded:
With slender people you show earlier because your body has nowhere to put the extra weight, except your belly. I started showing slightly at 8w, I now am definitely showing at almost 12w
Me (26) DH (30) PG FINALLY after 19months of trying!!! EDD 2-24-2011. C'mon PINK TEAM!!!
yogijan responded:
hmmm, if it's there it's there right?? lol I never showed with my first 2 until almost 20 weeks and i was tiny then, especially with my 2nd. But this one 7 years later and 30 pounds heavier i am showing already at 8 weeks. my doc assured me yesterday that my uterus has not even grown out beyond the pubic bone at this point and the extra belly is just that--extra belly being distended due to bloating and water weight gain. I dont care where its from, i just know that my jeans dont fit!!! lol
ebonyeye responded:
Im almost 12 weeks and I am definitely showing waaaay earlier than with my 1st. I hear with the 2nd and there-after you show a lot ealier than you did with your 1st.
Me(31)~DH(28)~DD(11)~EDD~(2/26/11)~LETS GO PINK TEAM!!

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