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Quitting Smoking...
MadlyMaggieMae posted:
I really want to quit... wanna do whats best for the baby and all. I am going to quit one way or the other, but I was wondering. Anyone know if you can use the nicotene gums, or is cold turkey the only option? I've failed so many times in the past trying to quit cold turkey and I really cannot fail this time.
Me (31) and First baby due April 9th!! Yay!! Have my two vicarious babies too, my godkids, Broden (8) and Evelyn (2). Been there since they were concieved, so I love them like my own.
An_217705 responded:
Quitting is really hard. I had to quit too. Good luck. Cold turkey sucks!! I have been coughing so bad more than I was when I was smoking.
BrittB2507 responded:
I just found out that I am pregnant, and I am also, a smoker. It is very hard to stop, but this is something that we HAVE to do!! Just know you are not alone--I share your pain! But outcome will be greater, to know that your child is healthy! Good luck to you!
An_217706 responded:
I would suggest you freeze some grapes. Everytime you crave a cig suck on one of those. this helped me when I got prego, it also helped the all day sickness, not morning sickness, but all day sickness. LOL
yogijan responded:
my friend is 4 months pg and her doc gave her a prescription for smoking cesassion that is not nicotine replacement (chantix i think) Dont go it alone your doctor can def. help you alot with this!!!
me(31)df(26)ds(6)dd(10) new LO edd 3-18-11 yellow team
mother2be21 responded:
my mom was a "chain" smoker.. literally.. how she did it was every time she craved a cig.. she just sucked on a pepermint.. she just went to sams or walmart and baught a huge bag of them.. trust me if she can quit... ANYONE can lol good luck

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