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is any one else due in april?
xybugsmomma posted:
just found out im around five weeks pregnant with my second one.
daveandstacy responded:
Congrats yes I will also be due in April with my second one.
Beeeks responded:
Congrats!!! Yep, I'm due 4/16!
Me (Becca)(28); DH (Jon)(29); DS 08/01/09; EDD 4/16/11
J355000 responded:
My Husband and I just foundout yesterday we are pregnant with our first:)
ReneeNee84 responded:
yep, april 1st! (unless the dr. changes it on friday)
DD 4 years old, also expecting again, estimated due date 4/1/11. Hoping for a boy this time!
blessednhighlyfvrd responded:
Congrats!! My EDD is 4/16.
DH(27) Me(25) DD(1) EDD 4/16/11
hillyb0609 responded:
Congrats! I'm six weeks along... due 4/12/11!!
MilitaryMommyLiz responded:
I am due some time in April as well, although I don't have a definite due date yet.
Liz (28) DH (38) DS1 (10/7/2006) DS2 (10/14/2008) BFP 8/2/2010 EDD 4/13/2010 Military family. Souther transplant. Jesus follower!
osamuel08 responded:
I am due around 4/7/11 with our third but that date could change based on my ultrasound in early Sept.

Jen (34) DH (34) DS (4) DS (2) EDD 4/7/11
catcarsmom responded:
Congratulations! I'm due sometime between April 9-20.
Me(29), DH(29), DD1(4)Our little ballerina, DD2(2)Our little bunny, 3 EDD-sometime in April. Hoping for a boy this time!
YesthisisKim responded:
I'm going to have an April baby myself. I haven't had my first ob/gyn appt to be exactly sure how far along I am but as of right now it looks like I'm due April 2nd
Congrats again! Go April babies!!
Can't wait to meet my little peanut :) 07/26/10 - Positive HPT!!
shoracek responded:
I am about 5 weeks now with my first. EDD- 4/16/2011. Anniv. baby! We got married on 04/10/2010.
applause responded:
I think that I am also due in April. I have not had my first appointment yet, it is scheduled for 9/1. The day before by 29th birthday!
I am getting very excited and I cannot wait to tell my family and friends. Any suggestions on when that should be done? I know most people say that you should wait until after the 1st trimester. I was thinking that it would be ok at about 9 weeks. That way I will have had my doctor appt. Any thoughts would be helpful.
Holspol replied to applause's response:
I am also due in April but was not keeping track of my period so I don't know exactly when. I have my first appt. on Sept. 1 with a midwife I have heard great things about. I am about six weeks along and I have told close family and friends. I will wait to tell others until after my 12 week appointment at least to make sure all is well. Go with your heart and tell family and friends when you want.
applause replied to Holspol's response:
Thanks for your advice!

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