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I'm pregnant, but how!
An_217747 posted:
I have recently found out that I am pregnant. Due to the date of conception I find it surreal. The man I was with orgasmed but never released fluid. So my question is, is there anyway I got pregnant this way by him?
JennMactastic responded:
preejaculate has sperm in it and that leaks out throughout intercourse. it's possible this is how it happened.
Jenn (27) and James (30) expecting our third 4/1/2011! We already have 2 DS's (ages 4 and 2) we're rooting for a girl this time!
Danielle82506 responded:
Iam in the same boat as you. I made sure my husband pulled out way before he ejaculated. I read online that sperm has a very low count in the pre-ejucalation, you have more chnace of cathing hiv than getting pregnant off of pre-ejaculation. So I was never really worried about getting pregnant, but guess what? you so can get pregnant, Iam not saying that doctors are wrong, but I really think they should really look more into it and study more statistics of woman getting pregnant like this, Because other than myself I know of 2 other friends that got pregnant like this.
best of luck though....
An_217748 replied to Danielle82506's response:
Trust me, the doctors know! That's why they say "No method of prevention is 100%, except abstinence."

You can absolutely get pregnant from preejaculate. If you don't want to get pregnant, you need something more reliable than pulling out. If you can't handle getting pregnant, you need to not be having sex.
dolphinex3 responded:
Totally possible! I don't use birth control and my doctor always made it a point to tell me the preejackulate during sex can carry sperm therefore you can get pregnant.
Charity....mommy of 5 and 1 on the way EDD 4.25.2011
erin515 responded:
thank you everyone for your replys. I am just confused because I read 1 article saying yes and another saying no. I have three children already and was not prepared to have another although I will not do anything but have it. I just wondered how it happened when we were so careful. Thanks again everyone.
mommytoaddi replied to erin515's response:
being "careful" would be using some sort of birth control not "pulling out" or as a lot of people call it the pull and pray method.
mamathoma responded:
My husband and I conceived 2 of our soon to be 4 children and have only used the "pull out method" of birth control in the 12 years of being together, so yes you can get prego by preejaculate. BTW I think were just blessed to not have to try very hard ;0)
An_217749 replied to mamathoma's response:
me and my DH used the pull out method, i talked to my doctor and he said if practiced right that it can be as affective as the pill. the only way that it carry's any sperm is if the male had gotten off earlier that day and failed to urinate afterwards. or if indeed he accidentally got off and was afraid to tell you. Anyways, we are now TTC. but we totally understand the pull out method because some ppl dont believe in taking a pill to prevent pregnacy or making the male wear anything. everyones type of bc is their own bussiness and i wish you the best of luck with your new little one on the way! God Bless!
erin515 responded:
as if it can't get any worse let me continue my dilemma. I had sex with my steady partner on july 23rd and august 10th. I went to a party and hooked up with the man in my 1st part of my question on august 7th. My LMP was july 17th and it was a few days late. 3 or 4. . When I go on several different websites it's telling me that based on my period date that I conceived on july 31st which I find impossible considering the dates. So can somebody please help me to figure out which of the two men could be the father based on what I've just told you?
SunConure replied to erin515's response:
It is quite possible for you to be pregnant and have concieved on that day. Conception doesn't happen right away it happens over a period of a week or so. The egg has to travel down the uterus and the sperm has to swim to it, plus I think it's the sperm that can live for a couple days as well so it's possible to have sex and then you ovulate a day or 2 later and get pregnant. So based on that it could more then likely be your steady partner who is the father, but it's not 100% accurate.
Terra(24) Jeff(25),BFP 01/06 Rylee Lynn is due 09/13 our first, Induction at 39 weeks, only 4 weeks to go :)
frogtoleap2006 responded:
I too am in the same boat as you. We only had sex one time without the use of a condom. He ejaculated outside of me but then put it back in and tada I am almost 13 weeks pregnant. He of course is denying to be the father because of the 2 week fmp and the day we had sex. But I know exactly when the date was and who the father is. So a DNA will be the answer!!!
A_Breniser88 replied to erin515's response:
It's entirely possible that you conceived on July 31st, but only slightly, since sperm only lives in the womb between 3 and 7 days. Also, don't base your answer on a websites calculation, wait until you have your first ultrasound, they will be able to tell you the exact date of conception.

Also, everyone's sperm is different and everyone's vaginal fluid is different. That's why it's never a definite answer on how long sperm can survive inside our bodies before meeting with the egg.
Ashley (22) DH (25) DS (2) Baby 2 due April 10th! hopefully Pink Team this time!
mamathoma replied to An_217749's response:
From what I've read and been told the pull out method has almost a 30% failure rate and the pill 8%.

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