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Advised to Stop Taking Pre-natals?
Beeeks posted:
Hi ladies,

I am about 7wks along and I had been really sick - throwing up a lot and feeling awful. We pinpointed my vitamins as the culprit and I tried switching to different types (even a gel one that you can take 3 times a day instead of one big pill once a day) with no luck.

My midwife told me to stop taking vitamins and that it's more important to eat. What do you think? When I was pregnant with my son my OB never told me anything like that. I'm a little worried the baby won't be getting everything it needs because I'm still nauseous all the time so it's not like I'm eating a huge variety of foods. I AM eating more and keeping more down than when I was throwing up though. Thoughts?
Me (Becca)(28); DH (Jon)(29); DS 08/01/09; EDD 4/16/11
SmallFrey87 responded:
The baby will just take what it needs from you. The vitamins are actually just to keep you from having vitamin deficiencies. Try to get a prescription for straight folic acid(prevents birth defects), also look into an iron and calcium supplement(to avoid anemia and tooth loss). Also keep eating a well-balanced diet and you should be fine.
truewyatt responded:
Hey Becca, sorry to hear you been sick. Have you tried taking the vitamin before bed? I had to take them before bed in order to keep from getting sick.
That would be hard because if you don't have all the essential vitamins then the baby will take them from you and you could become anemic. (you do not want to be anemic, trust me)
A_Breniser88 responded:
That sucks you're sick. With my first child I took the prenatal vitamins anyway I could think of but I always became violently sick. My OB asked me if I did the same thing while on birth control and in fact I was, I actually had to quit taking the pill. Well, apparently there's a direct correlation there or something. But, he suggested that I take the flintstones vitamins...he said they worked just as good. I took them my whole pregnancy with no problems what so ever.
Ashley (22) DH (25) DS (2) Baby 2 due in April, hopefully Pink Team this time!
mamatobe08 responded:
Have you tried the Flintstones vitamines? LOL seriously, I had to do them with DS and this pregnancy I just chose to because the regular vitamins are so stinky and huge. 2 gummies a day and you're good to go!
Beeeks replied to mamatobe08's response:
Oh thank you for the tips!!! I'm definitely going to try the Flinstones and if that doesn't work talk to the midwife about at least getting some folic acid and iron in somehow. She also told me I'm low in Vit D so maybe that will be another pill? ugh!

Anyway, it's reassuring to know the baby takes what it needs first. Thanks for helping me out everyone!
Me (Becca)(28); DH (Jon)(29); DS 08/01/09; EDD 4/16/11
xybugsmomma replied to Beeeks's response:
My doctor also told me to take childrens vitamins the prenatals mess me whole system up and make me sick to my tomach.
tmrrmr4ever responded:
Have you tried the Flinstone Complete Vitamins?? My prenatals were making me sick also, so we switched to other kind. It worked, but my doc said if it didn't that I could always take those.
Nik85 replied to tmrrmr4ever's response:
I had the same problem with prenatals.The doc also told me to switch.

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