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Mother of 3...Expecting again...TOTALLY Confused and Scared!
Chona21 posted:
I am 32 yrs old and have 3 children. 15,10, and 6. After taking 4 pregnancy tests in the last 48 hrs and al lof them being positive I have decided...I AM PREGNANT!! YAY!! We are VERY excited...however, I'm not even due to start my period till next Saturday. Has anyone ever had a positive result then started their period and stayed pregnant? I feel like I am going to start my period any minute now. My back, breasts, and abdomin are killing me, I have had a headache all day, and the gas and bloating that I have is out of this world. I never experienced anything like this in my previous pregnancies. Any advice, commets, or suggestions out there?
JennMactastic responded:
Keep in mind that every pregnancy is different. I never "felt" pregnant with my first two. With this one, I was just like you...thought I was going to start my period, was totally bloated w/cramps and sore breasts...and it was all just pregnancy symptoms. I've also had terrible morning sickness so far with this pregnancy, which I didn't have with either of my other two. So, I'd say, don't worry yourself too much, and just chalk it up to being preggers! Congrats!
Jenn (27) and James (30) expecting our third 4/1/2011! We already have 2 DS's (ages 4 and 2) we're rooting for a girl this time!
latsyrc10 responded:
I did start what I thought was my period on the day it was supposed to start, however, the bleeding never got as heavy as a normal period and then didn't stop for over four weeks! After a week and a half of weird bleeding, I took a pregnancy test and it was positive, that would have been around week 5. Am still pregnant, starting week 11, and the bleeding/spotting has subsided for now. So technically, it wasn't a "period", because I was pregnant, but it started on the exact day I was to have started my period.
Me(29)DH(30)first pregnancy, EDD 03/29/11
Chona21 replied to JennMactastic's response:
Thanks. Yesterday was an ok day w/ the cramping and back pain but today it's all back!! And I am NOT a very nice person today...I should have just stayed in bed. =[
MrsAnderson0602 responded:
First of all, congratulations!! Like the pp said, all pregnancies are different, this is my 2nd and it's quite different my first. Not to mention, early pregnancy symptoms and pms symptoms are alot alike, so you could be feeling like your period is about to start, but it's really just your body adjusting to the new pregnancy. Congrats again, Be Blessed!!!
Me 27, DH 27, DD 7, New LO EDD 03/13/2011. Hoping for the Blue Team, but too soon to tell!

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