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12 weeks and still really sick anyone else??
dnrese99 posted:
im reaching 12 weeks this week and im still so sick. This is my 3rd preg and my first was not bad my second i was sick but this third is bad. I was wondering if anyone had any good remedies for helping this. My doc does not even want to put me on pre natal hes is telling me to stay with my one a day still bc of how sick i am
Me(29) Dh(31) Daniel(3 1/2yrs old) Matthew(2 yrs old) Hoping for a girl this time : )
Sigma3rc74 responded:
I've found sucking on peppermint helps for a little while. Another poster said Ginger Soother by The Ginger People helped for her. I haven't found it yet she said she got it at Whole Food and I don' thave one close), but I"m going to give that a try - if I can find it. I'm 12w2d and had really hoped to wake up at week 12 and have the m/s turned off like a light switch - no such luck.
Someone else said green apples - haven't tried that one either, but might . . . can't hurt, right?
Good luck and hope it ends for you soon!
tuuke responded:
I too am 12 weeks and thought it would just GO AWAY! With DD I had no m/s and with this one I have lost 10lbs and gained a HUGE baby bump!
A few things I have found are:
- sipping on CokeCola help with the m/s
- taking my prenatal vit @ bedtime with milk or yogurt
- Nutribars are good throught the day with no other food will work
Give it a shot, what do you have to loose? Other than lunch! :)

What is your Due Date? We are due March 19 2011.

Good luck!
JennMactastic responded:
You guys are making me sad :( I'm 10 weeks and was also hoping this ridiculous sickness would pass at 12 weeks!!!
Jenn (27) and James (30) expecting our third 4/1/2011! We already have 2 DS's (ages 4 and 2) we're rooting for a girl this time!
dnrese99 replied to tuuke's response:
im due march 15 so we are almost the same dd. Thanks and lots of luck : )
Me(29) Dh(31) Daniel(3 1/2yrs old) Matthew(2 yrs old) Hoping for a girl this time : )
dnrese99 replied to JennMactastic's response:
I know i hope it goes away soon for you guys too! Its very hard esp with my ds starting nursery school now mornings are a nightmare.
Me(29) Dh(31) Daniel(3 1/2yrs old) Matthew(2 yrs old) Hoping for a girl this time : )
ShanunC responded:
Lurking from Second tri--
I never threw up.. (although I wished I would have ) I couldnt eat or drink anything without it upsetting my stomach to the point where I was waiting to puke.. It was awful..
around 13-14 weeks I noticed I could eat a few more foods.. Im 17 weeks now and still a couple things I just stay away from but for the most part its gone..
Hang in there.. Hope you all start to feel better
Shanun/26 DH 29/ DD 24 months/ EDD 2/13/11
Sigma3rc74 responded:
So, I haven't been able to find that Ginger Soother another posted mentioned, but I went to the Vitamin Shoppe and got Ginger Trips Sugar Free Gumlet. It helped A LOT! It's gross to chew up - it's not really gum. Well, there's gum in there, but you have to chew through the chalky, not great tasting ginger stuff to get to it.Once i got past that, it really calmed my stomach. It was only $7 so I figured I'd give it a try.

If you try any Ginger remedies, make sure you don't exceed 1000mg in a day and be sure to see what else might be in it.
It's helped me - so maybe it will help you too! Good luck!
metmimo1974 replied to Sigma3rc74's response:
id be concerned about ginger though
my coworker is a doula and she states that ginger is not recommeneded durng preganancy, check with your dr
ginger ale should be fine though
AbbyGA responded:
GREAT. I've been in bed for the last four days with severe nausea. I'm missing work, and the doctor appears to have ignored me all day today. Nobody has mentioned any kind of prescription help from their doctors - are we really stuck with self medication through diet and use of ginger???? I think I'll start a new post with that question ... I'm desperate. Oh, and I'm only just at 7 weeks - looks like I've got a good long time before this goes away.
Abby(32), Matthew (33), Beautiful baby Iris (2 1/2)
Sigma3rc74 replied to AbbyGA's response:
Zofran is one thing the Dr can prescribe for you. Ask about that. I've not been on it, but I hear it works miracles for most.
Hope you're feeling better soon!!
Sigma3rc74 replied to metmimo1974's response:
My Dr said it was fine in small doses and not to exceed the 1000 mg a day - and to take as little as needed to calm my stomach. This ginger "gum" only has 135 mg per piece and one after lunch and after dinner seem to do the trick.
I'm sure every medical professional has a different opinion on prescription, OTC and herbal suppliments. Biggest thing my Dr said to watch for with Ginger is what else was added to it that could be harmful.
jlbwondering35 replied to JennMactastic's response:
Lurking from Second tri...

Awww...Jenn, I hope it gets better for you! I wasn't really sick during the 1st trimester, but I did hit a spell of it at 7-9 weeks, then at 10 I woke up and every day started feeling more and more like myself!

Wishing everyone less queasy days from here on out!
AbbyGA replied to Sigma3rc74's response:
Thanks for your reply - the doctor got back to me late last night (yes, she called me personally! I love her!!). She prescribed the generic for Zofran today, and I think I'm on the mend. It's called ondansetron, if anyone wants to ask their doctors about it. Apparently, it's not covered on every insurance plan, so be aware that it could be $$. My research shows that it's safe for pregnancy, but falls in the "unknown" category instead of "known safe."

I too hope everyone's feeling better soon. Good luck!
Abby(32), Matthew (33), Beautiful baby Iris (2 1/2)
ReneeNee84 responded:
Almost 12 weeks and I'm still sick too. Hopefully things will calm down for us soon. (due 3/28/11)
DD 4 years old, also expecting again, estimated due date 4/1/11. Hoping for a boy this time!

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