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I am scared. Did this happen to anyone????
RadhaGiri posted:

I have a 6 year old.

Then I had a mis-carriage 4 years back.

I am a tee-totaler. Last week I had a very bad cold. I took 30 ml/day of brandy(cognac) for about 4 days. Today I took a home pregnancy test which came positive. According to the pregnancy calender I am around 7 weeks. My periods were very irregular sometimes even 40 days and hence did not pay much attention to it. Do I need to worry about what I did last week? Would the alcohol have affected the fetus in anyway??

1sttimepreggo responded:
dont have advice but i would like to c the replies...before i found i was pregnant my freind had a birthday party i drink socially normally but this night i was well extremely drunk i found out two weeks later that i was pregnant which means i woulda been around six weeks im extremely nervous tht i could have effected the baby....i did tell my ob and he had no response so since he didnt make a fuss i kinda let it go but still very nervous
JennMactastic responded:
Everything I've ever read says not to worry about having a few drinks before you found out you were pregnant. The real concern with alcohol and pregnancy is prolonged exposure to if you continued to drink, every day of your pregnancy, in large amounts, that would be something to worry about. But a few drinks (or even enough to get you really drunk) before you know you are pregnant is not likely to cause any problems with your baby. Hope that helps a little!
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chaquita1230 responded:
The most vulnerable days for a fetus for environmental intrusions( alcohol, drugs, radiaition, ect.) are days 15 - 60 post conception. But fetal alcohol syndrome has not been researched enough to know exactly how much can actually cause damage. 30 ml is only 1 oz. i would not worry too much. yes it can affect the fetus, but remember, many woman drink much more and their babies are fine. Also many women in europe who have healthy babies everyday drink wine throught their pg. JMO
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RadhaGiri replied to chaquita1230's response:
Thanks for the info. I also spoke to my ob and she also gave me the same details and asked me not to worry.

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