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weight gain
katheryn26 posted:
I have been reading up on how much weight I should be gaining and it tells me from 2-4 pounds if that during the first 3 months.. I have already gained 6 pounds and am only 7 weeks along. Is this normal... I have also quit smoking so maybe that has something to do with the weight gain? I am a little worried.. I dont want to get overly huge!
ShanunC responded:
lurking from 2nd tri...
I would sooooooo not worry about the weight gain.. every preggers is different..
with DD.. I gaine 6lbs the first trimester 15 the second and 20 some odd lbs the 3rd tri.. totalling 50lbs... it was nuts.. however my doc was not worried.. I didnt have GD.. the baby was healthy.. almost 9 lbs.. and I was healthy..
this time around Im 18 weeks and Ive gained a total of 2 lbs so far.. and Im pretty much never hungry.. however I started 30lbs heavier.. so doc is not concerned about how little ive gained..
everyone is different.. the goal here is to make it healthy weight gain.. if you gain 50lbs of KFC and Mcds thats def not good.. but if your eating balanced meals and healthy foods and still gain that much and your doc is not concerned you should not be..
Hang in there... just eat healthy take care of you and that LO
Shanun/26 DH 29/ DD 24 months/ EDD 2/13/11
Jhawkchick responded:
I completely understand where you're coming from. About a month before I got pregnant I stopped taking a stimulant medication for ADD that I'd taken almost every day for nearly 11 years. When I found out I was pregnant I quit smoking. Both of those things on their own usually cause people to gain weight, but with the two back-to-back combined with the pregnancy I gained about 7lbs by the 7 week mark. Yikes! I'm happy to say though, I'm now 12 weeks and 2 days and haven't put on any more weight (maybe a 1lb fluctuation--depending on when & where I weigh myself). So, hang in'll all level out as your body continues to adjust to all of the changes it's experiencing.

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