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An_217794 posted:
So my last period started 8/13/10... my period was due last Thursday. Just took two HPT which both came out positive. My concern is that I am feeling cramps like I normally feel before my period. Anyone else experiencing this?
Averysmomma0106 responded:
Yes, I had the same thing with both pregnancies. I'm 4.5 weeks and I felt like I was going to start my period shortly after getting my positives with both. It wasn't bad cramps though, just mild ones.
Help41 responded:
Some cramping might be due to "implantation" ?
mendezwife responded:
Yea that's normal to feel lil cramps & things. Your body is changing. As long as it's not severe & you'd know if it was! or you bleed heavy. You'd know if something was wrong.
But just enjoy all the changes that are about to take place. & you might "spot" a lil or notice a lil something bc of implantation. All is normal. But you shouldn't bleed! (like a period)
Good luck & congrats to you!
An_217795 replied to Help41's response:
implantation occurs up to 10 days after having unprotected sex and without implantation you can not have a positive pregnancy test
ch1984 replied to An_217795's response:
just wanted to let u know that my last period was on the 15th and i got my first positive yesterday and as recomended by the women i work w/ i took one today and got another positive! and i too am having cramping. its not constant, it just kinda comes and goes. i keep thinking ugh my periods gonna start. but my mom said it my body changing. our babies r growing or atleast r uteruses r.! i hope it makes u feel better. when is ur first ob appointment? mine is the 29th. keep me posted. we r deff around the same time.
lribarra responded:
I am 9 weeks now, but for my first week and a half after my positive test I was cramping and achy in both my lower abdoman and lower back, and everything has been just fine for me so far! Had my first u/s last week and all was perfect! And it won't be the only ache you feel either honey, so I say take this time to enjoy your new addition. If the cramps get worse and are accompanied by bleeding, then you need to check with your doctor. Good luck mama!
JennMactastic responded:
Just like previous posters have said, cramping is totally normal. I felt just like you after I got my positive, I kept getting crampy and I was super nervous that I was going to m/c. Everything is fine now, though...I'm 11 weeks along and I just had my first u/ is looking beautiful and active!! Try not to stress too much. The cramping could be your uterus growing, and it could also be gas :) Congrats on your BFP!!
Jenn (27) and James (30) expecting our third 4/1/2011! We already have 2 DS's (ages 4 and 2) we're rooting for a girl this time!
An_217796 replied to ch1984's response:
Thanks to all for your feedback! You have made me feel so much better. Still have random light cramps, no bleeding what so ever. I go for my first appointment on the 22nd! Thanks to all!

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