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Maternity Clothes
carolinasu8 posted:
This is my first so I have none! Any recommendations on good places to buy them? I don't want to spend too much and I still want to be as stylish as possible while I still can.

Also, when did y'all start wearing them? My pants are already getting tight but still manageable, I'm at seven weeks.

mrs_leininger responded:
Congratulations! I'm also 7 weeks! I have this same problem. My waists to my pants aren't fitting...

I found some maternity clothes at my local Goodwill. Very cheap and very cute! Even got some bigger things for planning ahead. I paid $1.75 a piece. Couldn't pass them up. As I'm living on a tight budget, saving all I can for my baby.

Also if you plan to do the belly bands. They are reasonable priced on ebay. Some department stores are charging around $40.
Sigma3rc74 responded:
Lurking from 2nd tri . . . I'm not wearing maternity clothes yet (I'm at 13.5 weeks) and haven't wanted to spend the $ on things I won't wear that long either. I went to Target and for $16 I got a Be Band and that has helped a lot! It covers the fact that my pants aren't fastened and if it shows beneath my shirt, it just looks like I have layered shirts on.
When the time does come, check out consignment shops and as pp said - Goodwill!
Congrats and good luck!
et19781978 replied to Sigma3rc74's response:
My sister had her baby boy last year and she used alot of my mat clothes and you just reminded me about the be band! Thanks She wore it and loved it. now i need to root thru all those clothes and find it thanks for the reminder!!!! I feel better already!!
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KameesMom responded:
Check out OLD NAVY- super cute and super affordable! This is my 2nd pregnancy- just starting to show at 8 weeks but I stocked up from Old Navy with my last pregnancy. Also try KOHLS motherhood line- they are business professional and came in really handy. I lucked out because I must wear my pants low enough that I wore my regular pants throughout my entire pregnancy- just had to wear the maternity tops. During the last month I used BUTTON extenders on my pants and gave just enough room and comfort. I do know that I had some yoga pants that were super comfy on the weekends!
breezy_83255 responded:
Secret Fit Belly pants are a must for me. They stay up and aren't tight at all. I've worn them from the moment my pants started getting uncomfortable until after my c-section healed with DD2. You can buy them at Kohls and Motherhood maternity, but I think there are other brands coming out with their own version now.

This time I bought some clothes off of ebay. I bought one used lot and one new lot. I got them all for a lot cheaper than buying them in the store. You just have to watch because on some of the lots the bidding gets really competative.
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carolinasu8 replied to breezy_83255's response:
Thanks to everyone for the answers! Our area is getting a brand new Goodwill soon so I will definitely check that out. I'm new at this so....what's a belly band? Does it just go around and basically hold your pants on without having to button them?
numberonemommyof2 responded:
always liked motherhood maternity and old navy, also check out baby consignment shops usually they might have maternity clothes
camnfaithsmom responded:
Motherhood Maternity!!! While some of their regular priced items are a bit high they always have sales racks with GREAT prices!!
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Jhawkchick replied to KameesMom's response:
YES, to Kohls!! I went there yesterday and raided their clearance racks. I left with 2 shirts and 2 pairs of capri pants for $27.60! One of the shirts was $3.60! I know I will have to expand the wardrobe more later because it is "encouraged" at my job that we wear suits everyday. I just can't see spending all that money on maternity suits...
carolinasu8 replied to Jhawkchick's response:
"Encouraged" - yuck! Who wants to wear suits with a big belly?! The only thing we can't get away with is capris...which in the brutal SC sun would be nice....good luck finding them. If you find them for cheap let me know. Thanks!

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