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Stretch Marks
AnAugustsunset posted:
Hello Everyone,
I am 11w today. I started using Bella B Tummy Honey Butter to prevent stretch marks. I've gained about 4 or 5 lbs already but I am TERRIFIED of getting fat and getting stretch marks. For the last 11yrs or so I've had major body image issues and pregnancy is making it worse. I'm at the awkward stage where I don't quite look pregnant I just look like I have a chubby belly. I can't wait until I'm really showing! Have any of you used anything for stretch marks? Has it been successful? I order this from and there were excellent reviews about this products effectiveness. I'd love to know what others have done.
cjokdm responded:
I just used cocoa butter everyday when I get out of the shower. I didnt get any stretch marks with my 1st pregnancy, so I am doing the same thing with this pregnancy.
sliverfroggy responded:
Lurking from 3rd tri...

I used Palmers Cocoa Butter with my first every night before bed. I never got one stretch mark. I am also doing the same with this one and so far at 30 weeks no stretch marks ( hope it stays that way). Like you I have always had slight body issues so hope this works for  you.
mindy48875 responded:
I've never used a thing since I've always read that stretch marks are a hereditary thing. With my first 2 i never got one stretch mark so I'm hoping the 3rd time around will be the same! We'll see!
Me(28)(DH(28) DS(2)DS(1) and the 3rd on the way!
mamathoma replied to mindy48875's response:
Yeah, I'm taking my nursing pre-reqs and stretch marks depend on the elasticity of your skin, which is inhereted. Soo a good way to know- look at your mama. )
MartinaWilliams responded:
Lurking from 3rd tr

I have been using Palmers Cocoa butter with olive oil. I take a warm shower and then apply it, but only during the night because during the day the oil tends to make me sweat. Im 30 weeks and no stretch marks on my tummy (hopes it stays that way). I was also terrified of getting stretch marks. My boobs were my prized possesion, at about 18 weeks they started appearing. I cried...but eventually accepted that its apart of pregnancy and Im not perfect.

So dont worry if 1 or 2 appears, its a sign your a woman and a mom. So if they do appear dont sweat it. Good luck anyways
Marty(19), BF(47), New, EDD: Dec.10.2010. Want the sex to be a surprise yet hoping for a girl
AnAugustsunset replied to MartinaWilliams's response:
Thank you all for your advice! I really appreciate it. For the hereditary part, I don't think my mom got them so hopefully that's true for me also. I'll keep using the Tummy Honey and hope for the best!
brokenlove responded:
with my son i got really bad stretch marks and tried using everything to prevent them, funny thing is no one could tell i was pregnant, i didn't show not even at 9 months but still got the stretch marks. Everyones body is different, but good luck.
Me(23) SO(28) DSS(Xavier 8)DSD(Raven 6)DSS(Dominic 5) DS(Izaiah 3) EDD(5/7/12). I excited to find out the sex he doesn't want to know.

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