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Thirsty Feeling
mlmynm81 posted:
Im not sure if Im just always thirsty or or if its just morning sickness. Water, juice, soda, milk, nothing sounds good but Im thirsty. The only thing that is kinda taking care of it is very cold water or iced tea. Anyone have any suggestions? With my last pregnancy I had gestational diabetes and so being this thirsty scares me. Luckily I have a d/a on monday so wish me luck.
KTL2001 responded:
I get really really thirsty during the night. I have to make sure that I keep a big cup of water by my bed at night. I only want water though, most other drinks do not quinch that thirst. I am a big water drinker anyway but now that I'm pregnant I drink way over 128 fl oz of water a day!

I say just make sure you keep drinking atleast water even if its not really what you want so you stay hydrated. HTH
brixie0227 responded:
I'm the same way, I just drink what satisfies my thirst. Just water and tea. Make sure your tea is decaf though.
klflmf0510 responded:
I'm pretty thirsty most of the time too. I get bored with plain water, but try to choose it as much as possible. i also like those powdered packets of flavoring (crystal light, 4C's, etc) to add to the water. My favorite is the cranberry/ calories and 100% Vitamin C! Plus its made with splenda.
mlmynm81 responded:
I make sure I drink lots of water haha. Ive been going through alot of it so instead of buying bottles, e ended up buying a Brita pitcher which is good cause the water will be nice and cold. I cant drink the crystal lite packets cause they taste too sweet to me. Im gonna stick to water for now I think hehe. Oh and decaf tea. When I first found out I was prego, I went out and bought decaf tea hehe. Thank you guys for the ideas!
gonzac1980 responded:
Try Gatorade. That has really helped me.

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