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10 weeks and struggling with joint pain
KatMomma32 posted:
Hi Ladies ~ this is my second pregnancy, spaced 8 years apart and this time so far has been anything but easy. I am relatively fit, live an active life style (with the exception of the last 6 weeks due to moderate nausea and vomiting). My complaint is moderate to severe joint pain. I understand the process of ligament laxity due to required ligament flexability - BUT this has affected my ankles, wrists, knees, lower back and hips. I am extremely uncomfortable and am developing more concerned as it seems to worsen daily. Is this happening to anyone else?
PastryChick responded:
yes i am right there with you. with my first one the joint pain didn't begin until I was near the end of the pregnancy and was as big as a house. now my hips hurt and feel like they are popping out of their sockets. I just try to do some streches to ease the pain. my doctor suggested yoga. with throwing up every meal and feeling like crap all the time the last thing I have wanted to do is move but maybe when I'm feeling better.

I wish I could give some advice but at least you know that your not alone.
Me(25), hubby(27), Lia Bug 10/31/08 (big sis) LO EDD: 4/25/11
Starla_94 responded:
I second that..

10 weeks .. 2nd viable PG.. and my son is 7

My hip hurt so bad the last week i would just cry laying on the floor .. I will say this .. there are major nerves in your spine.. and if anything is off it can affect your head, neck, arms, shoulders, hips just about anything!!

I was having severe hip pain a few years back (not PG) and finally went to a chiro turned out my back i had a disk out of place.. took weeks of adjustments for it to stay in place! but got there..

You might check into a chiro that will work with PG woman..

Definitly do back stretches.. lay flat on the floor and turn your top half one way and your bottom half the other way.. you can google back stretches on line and see what they show..

You might need a body pillow to support your back when your sleeping even if your notshowing yet doesn't matter.. there is more strain on your back :)

Good Luck!! and just so you know your NOT alone!!!.. OUCH!
Christina (34) DH (38)- 1 D/S Oct-2003, M/C April 2010, M/C June 2010 (twins) BFP on 8/15/2010 ~ GreeBean - hoping for a girl! EDD 4/28/2011

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