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Embarrassing Question....??
An_217872 posted:
OK, this is pretty embarrassing, but I will ask anyway because if I don't I will never know the answer...(well unless I ask my doctor :-/ ) But anyway, is it ok to douche while pregnant??? Usually after my periods every month, I always try to douche to make sure I am fresh down there. But since I found out that I am pregnant of course I have not did it. Sometimes, I feel a little insecure because I may have a little odor every now and then, but now I find myself taking showers more often to stay fresh. So, to all my second time mothers or anyone with the answer for that matter...can u PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!
Thanks!! :)
wichelmana responded:
You know, not to be rude or anything, but other women on here have replied to your other thread asking the same question, so maybe you'd be better off referring to that.

But to answer your question again, NO. Quoting a PP on your other thread:

"The female body is designed to clean itself and using douche can interfere with your bodies natural chemistry and make you more prone to infections."

If you're looking for a different answer than that, then I'd suggest you talk to your doctor instead, though I'm sure he/she will give you the same answer.
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divamommie responded:
Im sorry ladies....when I attempted to post on yesterday, I didn't know that it actually posted because my computer shut down!! Thanks to all of your responses!!
xroads responded:
Eat yogurt to stay fresh. It has active cultures to help maintain a healthy vay jay jay.
ShanunC responded:
Lurking from second tri-
Douching is actually never rec preggers or not.. as someone posted before.. your body has its own natural thing going on down there.. some people insert PLAIN yogurt to help with YI but I have also heard of women doing it to help keep a healthy balance down there...
best of luck
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ebonyeye responded:
I didn't notice the other post so I will respond to this one. Im sure someone has already touched on my response, but some women (like myself) are very sensitive down there. My doctor recommended that I NEVER douche. Its not healthy and it kills off the good bacteria that fights off bad bacteria, so you are more susceptible to infections, etc. Showering or even washing up several times a day is a good way to stay fresh.
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