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    TMI... Constipation
    mommy10703 posted:
    I am 11weeks 3 days and I'm experiencing the worst constipation!!! This is my second and I don't remember it being so bad with my first. I've tried everything, prune juice, fruit, salad, water... etc... etc... and nothing helps anymore. I am so bloated. My doctor told me to take Colace, but I haven't had much luck with it. I was thinking about trying an enema, but don't know if its safe, especially that I haven't quite cleared the first trimested yet. Anyone know if an enema is a safe alternative? TIA!!!
    An_217873 responded:
    I don't know about the enema, but awhile back there was another post on here about constipation. Apparently everyone swears by a big bowl of Cheerios!! Good luck!
    mindy48875 responded:
    It seems like I read somewher that an enema would not be safe....but don't quote me on that. I would either call your dr or google it to find out. Hope you get some relief soon momma!
    Me(28)(DH(28) DS(2) via unnecesarian DS(1)VBAC! and the 3rd on the way! VBAC hopeful again!
    ShanunC responded:
    Lurking from Second Tri-- DEF NO ENEMAS.. big no no while preggers...
    whats the dosage your taking on the colace??
    I have the same issues..I tried prunes. prune juice.. benefiber 5 times a day.. NOTHING would get be going.. with DD I was so backed up I got sick.. I finally was told to do one round of dulcolax to get me moving.. they dont rec laxatives.. however I now have to take 200mgs of colace a day just to get deer pellets out.. but it keeps something coming out..
    talk to your doc...
    the thing with being preggers and doing enemas.. its not good to do but they dont really work anyways.. enemas are for when your bowels are stuck like right inside your bum.. the enema breaks up the blockage thats right there to get it out..
    being preggers we arent backed up in the bum.. we're backed up in the bowels.. so an enema wouldnt od you any good anyways..
    try upping your colace and talk to your doc..
    Shanun/26 DH 29/ DD 24 months/ EDD 2/13/11
    leeg18 replied to ShanunC's response:
    ok please help girls- i was so stuck the other day and i pushed and i did get backed up in the bum so bad that i couldnt sit down for the whole day- i spent about 7 hours on the toilet trying to make it move a little just so i could be comfortable sitting down with no luck - finally someone gave me a suppository- it was a child dosage and the main ingredient was glycerol. was that bad for the baby? i wasnt thinking rationally because i was in so much pain!
    ebonyeye responded:
    Actually my doctor suggested that I do an enema after my 8 week appt because I was over a WEEK backed up, she suggested that I do an enema ASAP and after that start on Colace and Miralax. The Colace alone did not work like I'd hoped, so I upped the dosage to 100mg and Im going maybe once every other day, but I had IBS prior to getting preggers. Talk to your doc!
    Me(31)~ DIAGNOSED w/PCOS in '05 EDD~(2/26/11)~LETS GO PINK TEAM!!
    ebonyeye replied to leeg18's response:
    Please dont I had a bad case of hemorrhoids from my first daughter in which I JUST had surgery (hemorrhoidectomy) in April to have them removed. Now that I'm pregnant, that is the LAST thing that I want.
    Me(31)~ DIAGNOSED w/PCOS in '05 EDD~(2/26/11)~LETS GO PINK TEAM!!

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