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Feeling sick after sex?
mendezwife posted:
Has anyone experienced feeling a lil sick after sex? I am pregnant about 5 wks....& husband & I just had sex last nite for the 1st time being pregnant. Hubby was a lil freaked out thinking I had my period, we tried for 7 months! (it was a funny joke we had going on!) So when we both were in the mood we took advantage of it......
but everything was going fine, till half way through & one position was painful.....then my belly felt really full....I had a cramp....then when it was all said & done...there was a lil light pink/reddish discharge. Now being the next morning Im fine, no spotting.
But after sex I felt werid, & kinda light headed, sick like I could throw up. Belly felt werid.
Im thinking it was bc we didnt have sex for like 3 1/2 wks & we kinda went at it fast at 1st.
Now this morning I feel fine, just tired. no spotting. Could hubby of poked around in there & made things irritated? Just wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts. Thanks
colopyr responded:
OMG!!!! ME TO! i tend to throw up after sex. lol.
An_217877 responded:
For about the first 8 weeks of my pregnancy I would have a very small amount of pink discharge after sex. The doctor told me that was perfectly normal. I also feel very sick to my stomach afterwards. I don't know what it is, but it is a horrible feeling!
msjackson56 responded:
i am 3 months and after sex i am very sick to the stomach my husband thinks it is becasue of something he is doing. i am very happy to see that i am not the only one
Lysana responded:
This hasn't happened to me, but I'll bet the nausea/sickness after sex has to do with hormones, and pretty much anything goes when it comes to pregnancy hormones! XD

As for the spotting, the blood vessels in the cervix are very full right now, and it can be easily irritated. It's very likely that the spotting, if it came immediately after intercourse and stopped pretty quickly, came from irritation to your cervix.
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babycakes91708 responded:
okay you say you are 5 weeks pregnant. well my question is to why i started crying in the middle of having intercorse. my husband and i are very open with each other and he told me he loved me after we finished i started crying then had to run to the bathroom because i felt like i was going to throw up. we have been trying to become pregnant for over a year now. i am suppose to start my period tomorrow. could someone please help!?!

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