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First time pregnancy: Vomit or not to vomit?
mvtwong posted:
Hi all, it's a silly question ahead but I'm trying to share your experience regarding the topic on nausea.

So far I'm 6 weeks along and it's been quite blissful except the odd bouts of nausea and my inability to stand smells that didn't use to bother me.

Although taking it in a stride as a rite of passage, I can't help feeling there is something wrong with me as I have yet to vomit once to date. All my girlfriends boast so much about this badge of "honour" that I am getting worried that I doing something not right? Instinctively I feel grateful that I don't get violently sick but it's such a confusing time too and I would appreciate some light shed on this through what you've gone through.

Thanks very much!
ebonyeye responded:
I never vomitted during my first pregnancy. I may have vomitted once or twice during this pregnancy but I think it was due to me accidently swallowing toothpaste, I never had the urge to just vomit. Although I was nauseous throughout my first Tri. Just be every woman is different..
Me(31)~ DIAGNOSED w/PCOS in '05 EDD~(2/26/11)~LETS GO PINK TEAM!!
Schmaylan replied to ebonyeye's response:
Take it back!!

I understand the feeling of wanting the full blown pregnancy symptoms but Im 8 wks and have been puking non-stop for weeks. Ive lost 10lbs and Im miserable.

I cant stand hearing women say thay want morning sickness... Ugh
sitnooc responded:
Please just be happy that you are having a "blissful" pregnancy, I am so very jealous. I am 9w2d today and it has been horrible. The throwing up and constant lack of appetite has me losing weight as well. My clothes fit better now than they did BEFORE I was pregnant!

I am jealous, but please enjoy this time and I hope you didn't just jinx yourself!!
Me(31) DH(35) DSD(16) DS(3-1/2) and one more on the way due May 24th!
camnfaithsmom responded:
Lurking from 2nd Trimester:

Cross your fingers and toes!!!! I too "was" having the most blissful pregnancy of my 4 until about the 10th week when I woke up one morning sick as a dog!!! Be carful what you wish for!!! Good luck and I hope you stay morning sickness free!!!
Me-27, Eric-29, Cameron- 10, Faith-3, Serenity- 1, EDD 4/10/11
Cheltsy replied to camnfaithsmom's response:
ha same thing here this is my first pregnancy and i felt a little nauseous a couple weeks ago and only had the urge to puke twice but never did...BE GLAD you are in the "lucky" group lol cos i def am :)
KristinAOlson responded:
I'm at week 8 and haven't had one bout of nausea yet. During weeks 6-7 I had a nasty cold thats been going around; but other than that, not one queasy stomach or ichy smell. I'm a little worried though. My other pregnancys (3 others; no to term) I had at least some amount of nausea (1 and 2 were horrible) but now I'm just coasting along worried that somethings wrong and I can't do anything about it.
mvtwong responded:
Thanks for your reply. For the record, this isn't some attention seeking move. I'm far away from my family and close friends, just found out the delightful news of being pregnant for the first time. Really trying to keep doing the right thing for my growing baby and I am certainly not wishing for morning sickness.

So Schymaylan, please don't harass other readers who posted their replies. This is not a forum to judge. I appreciate some objective feedback from other mothers as I'm getting confused with the new acquaintances around me citing that it's almost like an expected phase. That's all.

Of course I am grateful but should I get the bouts later, it's all in a stride. Perhaps we can lighten a little?
Schmaylan replied to mvtwong's response:
Harrass you?? Honey please get over yourself...

Reread my posts, I said I understand wanting the symptoms to "feel" pregnant. HOWEVER since I have 24/7 sickness, have had to get a prescription and almost had to be admitted for dehydration, Im letting you know that worrying that you arent puking is ridiculous.

You say you are taking it in "stride" but your OP is full of worry that you are doing something wrong because you arent puking. We arent medical proffesionals, if you are so concerned contact your doctor. But I can tell you that coming onto a pregnancy board 'complaining' because you arent experiencing m/s is most likely not going ot sit well with all the women who hug the porcelin throne for hours every morning.

Plus anyone who has a pregnancy book or Google could have found the answer to this in a matter of seconds: Every pregnancy and every woman is different.

Ps you are on an internet forum, take the replies you get. Some people just tell it like it is.
mindy48875 responded:
Sweetie you are just fine! I'm pregnant with #3 and have been one of the VERY fortunate ones that never get sick. And I'm thankful - i hate getting sick. My big thing is that I get very very exhausted. It' so hard to get up out of bed and find the energy to do anything. But I know that'll pass soon. Best of luck to you!
Me(28)(DH(28) DS(2) via unnecesarian DS(1)VBAC! and the 3rd on the way! VBAC hopeful again!
mvtwong replied to mindy48875's response:
Thanks dear! This is exactly my case and it's nice to get some real life feedback for once beyond the general print from books and websites :)

I get extremely exhausted at odd moments but I found daily walks and prenatal yoga stretches help a lot in prepping me up. All the best to you too!
Andie_WebMD_Staff replied to Schmaylan's response:
Hi Ladies,

Just a little reminder to all:

Feel free to disagree. Feel free to do some tough love when sharing your opinion. But please do so without attacking other members. Such attacks will be removed.

You may all notice that some of your posts have been removed from this discussion. Please keep in mind that when a post is removed, any further responses to it, references to it, apologies for it, will also be removed - on this thread or any other.

This is done in an effort to avoid confusion and get back on track. And this means that there may have been nothing wrong with what you said, just that it had to be removed because it was in response to something which needed to be removed. This is always unfortunate because we lose some great advice and support this way.

Please get back to sharing your opinions without attacking others.

If you have any questions about your own deleted posts and/or about the moderation being done here, please write the details (including your own screen name and the exact discussion and where it is about which you are talking) to . And please be patient for a response.

Finally, if you see something wrong, something which violates our Terms and Conditions , please report it as soon as possible. So if you feel someone is being attacked, use the Report This function and I, or another Mod, will come running as soon as possible.

Thank you all.

cacacarole responded:
I understand completely! With my DS, I had zero morning sickness. This time, even though I haven't actually thrown up, I've had terrible nausea. After two m/c in the past year, though, I was kind-of thankful for it. It was like a reminder that everything is okay.

It is hard when others almost brag about how sick they are, and you worry that something's not right because you're not. Maybe you're like me, and just not a "puker"...I very rarely throw up, even with the stomach virus. Do try to be glad, because you're not out of the woods yet! ;)

Best wishes on a happy, healthy pregnancy!
DH - Chris (29), Me - Carole (29), DS - Walker (2yo - 1/3/2008), BFP 8/27, Due 4/29 Psalm 139:13-14
mvtwong replied to cacacarole's response:
Thank you cacacarole. I feel it's exactly the case and appreciate your sharing your experience :) The nausea is abating (thankfully!) and I'm concentrating of doing what's best for my growing baby.

Here's to yours, a wonderful and healthy pregnancy too.
teachin2011 responded:
I see that you've gotten lots of replies, but I was lurking and wanted to let you know that I'm due in 16 days and never vomited during this pregnancy! It's also my first. There was one point, 2 days before I found out that I was pregnant, when I was very close to it, but otherwise just felt queasy. The smells REALLY bothered me in the first tri too! GL!

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