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Nausea and major upset stomach
ang3024 posted:
Hi all,

I am 7 wks along, and dont go to doc for 2 more weeks. This week I have been nauseated and ready to vomitt at any moment, although I havent actually puked yet. But the worst part is I have had diarrhea this entire week. I can not stand the thought of eating, but I am forcing myself to eat a little something as often as possible. I am also having major food aversion and cant stand the smell of anything.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

any suggestions for handling my stomach problems?
Schmaylan responded:
Hey there! Sorry you are going through this! I was/ still am in your shoes!

I found that taking some B6 helped ease the nausea some. Sucking on hard candy usually helps to calm down the urge to vomit, I found green apple jolly ranchers to be the best.

A lot of people suggest eating a few saltines before you get out of bed but that didnt work for me.

I also had diarrhea and was pretty worried about it but it didnt last long and has now gone quite the opposite direction ugh.

Also I have heard that the pressure point bracelet Seaband helps too.

Good luck
Sigma3rc74 responded:
Lurking from 2nd Tri --- I had horrible nausea, never threw up, but felt as if I could at any moment. Since I wasn't "that sick" I didn't get any meds from my Doc.
But, with her guidance I tried a few things that did help. Hard cancy peppermint helped a bit. I also bought ginger root and grated it into a cheese cloth, put that in a pitcher of water with a whole lemon sliced, a hint of sweetner and I sipped on that most of the day.
I also resorted to these chewable things - Ginger gumlet that I got from the Vitamin Shoppe. Certainly wasn't yummy, but it helped a ton! My doc said to just watch the amount of ginger and not to exceed 1000 mg a day.
As for your other symptom, I had that for a short time and it seemed to go away once my body adjusted to all the hormones.
Hope you feel better soon! I know that's a terrible feeling!!

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