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Weight gain...
An_217888 posted:
I gained 6 pounds and I am just 10 weeks and 2 days this typical or am I gaining way too much already?! I weighed 143 before I got pregnant and I am 5'4. With my first, I gained 55 pounds and I really don't want to do that again! I want to gain a healthy weight. I don't see my doctor until the middle of next month...
Dyzkneegrl responded:
I am not sure what the typical rate of weight gain is. I am 10 weeks today. I have gained 5 pounds. The dr didn't seem to be worried about it when I went in on thurs. so it must be normal. I hear about ladies getting lectured for gaining to much....hope it slows down though. I just want to be healthy for the baby.
katiecutie responded:
I am 11 weeks today and a week ago i had gained 6 pounds! I havent checked since then. I am 5'9.5 and 125 lbs before i gained the weight. I think you're doing fine!
Help41 responded:
I am 12 weeks tomorrow, and I've been charting my weight gain...noting all my normal clothes fit comfortably! (Thank Goodness)

8/18/2010 145 lbs 8/31/2010 149 lbs 9/15/2010 148 lbs 10/6/2010 151 lbs 10/26/2010 153 lbs

Schmaylan replied to Help41's response:
Im 9 weeks today and I think Ive gained 2 pounds but I lost 9 to begin with so Im just trying to get back to my starting weight of 130 (Im 5' 8")
katiecutie replied to Help41's response:
Really?? All my jeans are uncomfortably tight at the waist. I have a couple pairs that are looser and have a lower cut waitline that i've had to wear because all my cute ones are too tight!
Me-21, DH-23, EDD-5/15/11
PraJyo responded:
I too gained weight by 5 pounds and i am only 7 1/2 weeks pregnant. I am diabetic and i am watching my weight.

Doctor advised me not to worry too much about weight and keep loosing weight. But just watch out for too much weight. I dont know what are the ranges or the limits. But this seems normal. I am going in 2morrow again and so will ask her again.

If you have nausea and throw up then you might loose weight . dont get dehydrated please.. drink lots of water.
mamabear120 replied to PraJyo's response:
everything that i've read says if you're average weight to begin with, you should gain 25 to 30 lbs during your pregnancy. i think about 1-5 lbs by the end of 1st trimester.

if you started overweight, you should gain less and if you started underweight, you should gain more. but these are just round figures to use as a guideline. i'm sure if you're off by a few lbs here and there it's no big deal.

this is my first pregnancy. i'm 9 weeks. i have no idea how much weight i've gained but my appetite is tremendous. i feel like i'm hungry all the time. but i also get really bloated and gassy after i eat. no matter what i feel uncomfortable. oh well!
An_217889 responded:
Thanks everyone for your opinions and advice. I feel a little better about the weight gain. It just definately doesn't help when I fit in only one pair of my jeans LOL

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