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im so sick
maliyah903 posted:
please help me im 8 weeks and have went two days without eating because i cant keep nothing on my stomach
melissah210 responded:
try eating some crackers and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated, however if you havent literally held anything down i would suggest going to the doctor or hospital.

I couldnt hold anything down for 1 day, i was puking so much to the point were i had nothing to puke. I went to the hospital and they had to give me fluids for dehydration and they also gave me some nausea stuff in my iv and sent me home with some nausea pills which helped out tremendously.

While i was there the doctor i had was a female and she shared with me that she was 110 lbs when she had her 1st child and puked soooo much she got down to 95lbs.

Definitely look into some nausea pills if its that bad. And it doesnt always hurt going in for some reassurance that everything is ok, because you never know it could be a stomach bug also.
Chocolate cupcake with sprinkles.. yummmmmy
mendezwife responded:
Im there w you! Pregnant w my 3rd & was hoping sickness wouldn't come...b in the last wk or so it has! Came home early from work yesterday bc it was so yucky!
Im about 6 wks my 1st app is next tues....I had bad sickness w my 1st & i went to the hosp too like the other reader said...
My advice is light foods...crackers, toast w jelly, fresh things like fruit & salad & juice. I know its hard bc I feel like I wanna eat..b i feel so bad & tired!! I cant remb being this tired!!!
Try & have a lil something in your belly all light lil several things throughout the day. Ginger ale & sprint is good too.
And it will pass! I promise you! Just do your & eat light. Before you know it you'll be eating everything you can! Good luck...I know how you feel!
ThePregnantPrincess responded:
Hi there, I am about 9 weeks & have also been experienced terrible nausea and vomiting all day long. I have tried many things, I will list them all, because some that didn't help me may work for you.
  • Supplements: Ginger Root and B6.
  • Eating crackers/coke every 2-3 hours; empty stomach makes me so much more nauseous. This is hard to do.
  • I got a prescription for an anti-nausea suppository; also available in pill, if you can keep it down. Phenadoz is what I have. This seems to take a little while to work.
  • Smelling mint/peppermint. Or drink tea with mint.
I hope you find something that works for you! You can always go to urgent care, when it is severe. There is an anti-nausea shot for immediate relief that has shown to be safe for pregnant women.
colopyr responded:
i drink pickle juice and it makes my stomach clear right up. like dill pickle juice. i know it sounds gross and crazy, i thought everyone was nuts when they tried getting me to drink a sip. but when i did i couldnt stop cause it helped so much. if it wasnt for the pickle juice i dont know how i would have gotten through this fiorst trimester.
Dyzkneegrl replied to colopyr's response:
You know I did read that vinegar is supposed to be good for nausea so it would make total sense that pickle juice would work. I am willing to try anything!

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