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Pregnant While Taking Birth Control
Samantha_77 posted:
For those of you who have found out you are pregnant while on birth control, did you find out only because of a missed period? Did you have any break thru bleeding? What made you believe you were pregnant?
melissah210 responded:
LOL.. My gut told me something wasnt right when I was at Mcdonalds and ordered a #1 (big mac meal) and on top of that ordered a filet o fish and picked on my friends nuggets.

i was on the Nuva Ring and we blaim it on the tequila and mousse cake..
Chocolate cupcake with sprinkles.. yummmmmy
katiecutie responded:
I wasnt on birth control but up until week 5 I ate like a total cow like Every Day!! Like Melissah210 said, you're first clue might be that you feel like you're starving to death!
Me-21, DH-23, EDD-5/15/11
Samantha_77 replied to melissah210's response:
Thank you, did you have your normal period while still taking your birth control then? This would be my second pregnancy, the last time was a planned pregnancy so I knew what to look for. This time I'm not so sure since I have been on birth control.
Schmaylan replied to Samantha_77's response:
I was on BC and never missed a day or took antibiotics so this baby was just meant to be I guess! lol

My periods were very normal and my first tip off to pregnancy was the fact that it was 2 days late. My boobs were sore and heavy but felt like they did every time before my period. I tested and was positive.

Good luck
melissah210 replied to Samantha_77's response:
My periods were normal, had i not been to mcdonalds and ordered the entire menu i would have not noticed.

I was terrified, I was at the time partying heavily, I was drinking tequila heavily and did coc, i didnt do it everynight and when i did i didnt do alot but for the fact i did it the little amount i did it scared the living beejesus out of me.

Its crazy how your life changes tremendously, at the time i was young, carefree, no responsibilitys, and partyed like it was my last. Im very grateful to have my daughters and wouldnt change it for the world and cant wait for #3 to come into this world..

Good luck hun. and always listen to your guts.
Chocolate cupcake with sprinkles.. yummmmmy
MommaEmily1 replied to Schmaylan's response:
I was the same way. been on the same BC pill for almost a year, never missed a pill always took it at the same time, no antibiotics, nothing. I never missed a period but the fact that my boobs went up almost a full cup size in one month kinda freaked me out. took a home pregnancy test and boy was i surprised!!! like you said, guess this little one was meant to be!!! <3
Samantha_77 responded:
Thank you all. I have a 5 month old and am just nervous about having another baby so soon. I appreciate all of the information.

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