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July 2011 due dates!
jmk6207 posted:
Just seeing who else is out there just finding out they are pregnant! These forums have been so helpful to me leading up to my pregnancy so when I found out I was pregnant last week I was overjoyed! I see the doctor in two weeks and by my estimation I am due around July 10th. This will be a first child for me and my husband.....we are excited and nervous! Anyone else out there expecting a heat of July baby?
AshleyRenee0808 responded:
I'm due July 5th! I found out last week I was pregnant. I have my first u/s this coming Thursday...very nerve racking!!!!
rachrenee06 responded:
If I calculated correctly I will be due July 3rd. My husband and I have 2 children and this will be our 3rd child.
An_217906 responded:
well my doctors estimated that i was due june 28th...but thats impossible. my calculations say i'm due july 4th! the reason i say june 28th is impossible is bc that would'v put me further along than what i could be bc i lost my baby last month and they calculated it from when i was still pregnant with my last one! wish all of yall luck! i'v already had my first appt, but i go nov 24th for another! (we may get to hear the heartbeat!)
jmk6207 replied to An_217906's response:
What sort of symptoms are you ladies having? At four weeks I have been having heartburn like crazy!
MSettle78 replied to jmk6207's response:
I am due around the middle of July not alot of symptoms yet and its kinda worrying me but i am only like 4 weeks. All so far is fatigue, sore breast when you touch, and very light cramping . What about everyone else?
MSettle78 replied to jmk6207's response:
Oh and how could i forget ! Back pain and leg cramps around my tight and groin !~
baylismom replied to MSettle78's response:
According to this calender i'm due July 4th, my first DR appt is Nov 12th, so we shall see!!! This will be my second.
I swear I knew I was pregnant from the moment of conception. I have ALL DAY sickness, sore breast, tiredness, but it hasn't been too bad, just yet. I'm 5 weeks today. When is everyone's 1st appointment, I hear from most it's 8 weeks or longer, I'm worried going at a little over 6 weeks will be too soon to hear a heartbeat..what do you ladies think??
AshleyRenee0808 replied to jmk6207's response:
I am having heartburn like crazy too! I have acid reflux and was on medicine and a managed diet before I got pregnant. Unfortunately the miracle drug they gave me to curb my heartburn is unsafe to take during pregnancy. I heard that Zantac is safe to take when pregnant, anyone else hear that? Of course I'll wait to ask the dr. My PCP gave me a "heartburn diet" to follow, and so far its been working a little bit, but its hard to stay on track and I hate Tums they make me want to puke. Ugh and I'm only 5 weeks in....
AshleyRenee0808 replied to baylismom's response: first appt is in 2 days and I am 5 weeks. I'm also concerned that it will be too soon to see/ hear anything on the u/s, which will just throw me into more worrying! I'm going a little earlier than what I've seen most people post, but I am high risk.
scatania replied to AshleyRenee0808's response:
It may seem kind of odd, but a teaspoon of yellow mustard works pretty well. I hate mustard but for some reason, it works.
scatania replied to scatania's response:
Yellow mustard works for heartburn.
baylismom replied to AshleyRenee0808's response:
I was high risk with my last, so maybe that is the reason also. Good Luck and be sure to update how your visit goes
An_217907 replied to jmk6207's response:
iv been having gas and tender breasts and headaches. but at night i tend to have reflux or something!
jmk6207 replied to An_217907's response:
I have been treating my heartburn with tums....seems to keep it at bay somewhat. My first appointment is November 15th in my sixth week. I can't wait til then! I took another pregnancy test last night just to make sure it was still in there! lol It is my first one so I have no idea what to expect....glad to see so many others are finding out when I did

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