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11wks pregnant first Ob/Gyn very scared.
malome78 posted:
I went to my first Ob/Gyn exam and they did a full exam. during my pelvic exam the doctor said he couldn't confirm that I was pregnant. He said we would be able to tell for certain during the Ultrasound next week. I am very scared because I don't know if that is normal for someone to not tell after 11 weeks if they are pregnant from a pelvic exam. Nothing online says anything that can tell me either way.
cmc2009 responded:
I didn't think that you could tell if you were pg just by a pelvic exam... hmmmmm doesn't sound right to me...

They didnt do a Fetal Doppler for your visit?? I also thought that most places listen for the heartbeat at around 12 weeks! Very strange i think! Well, I know its tough, but try not to worry! If that happened to me I would have ran immediately to the store and gotten another pg test to take at home haha

I wish you the best of luck! at 11 weeks I am sure you know if you are pg...
~~ Me(24) DH(27) BFP-8/30/10 EDD-5/4/11
Schmaylan replied to cmc2009's response:
Actually there are things that tip off pregnancy with a pelvic exam. He should be able to feel your uterus, it should be the size of a grapefruit now. Also the appearance of your cervix, the color of your tissue down there. There should be very obvious signs of pregnancy down there.

I agree its weird he didnt do anything else though. Had he already confirmed your pregnancy with a urine sample? If not he should have.
MAllen81 responded:
I had my 1st appt. at 8 weeks with the NP. Doing her physical exam, she felt my abdomen and said she could feel my uterus.

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