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belly button piercing
BeckyJo32 posted:
is there anyone else out there that has their belly button pierced and have been pregnant?

i do and i was wondering if it would be better to take it out now before i start to show or how would it look if i left it in?
An_217931 responded:
I removed my piercing around 3 or 4 months of pregnancy with my first child (he is 3 now) and now I have a horrible looking scar and it is stretched out...I don't know if you should take it out. They do make longer bars for the piercing for pregnancy. I should have kept mine in, maybe it would have looked better, but I don't know?
sdadkin responded:
I agree with pp. I had mine pierced and took it out when I found out I was pregnant and now I have this very ugly scar. You should definitely find a way to leave it in!
ebonyeye responded:
LOL I watch 16 and Pregnant and I saw an episode where one of the young ladies had a piercing and actually ordered one for pregnant women so my suggestion is to look them up online and just get a bigger one if you want to keep the piercing. It was cute!
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mindy48875 responded:
I kept my in with my first pregnancy since it never bothered me. But I took it out for my 2nd preg. b/c it hurt. The hole located on top of my belly button still hasnt' completely closed and I think it looks kind of goofy. I tried to put another ring through but the hole was closed on the other end It does look a little weird but not horrible...
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BeckyJo32 replied to mindy48875's response:
thanks all...i think i will try to keep it in and maybe look for a longer bar
1st_mommi replied to BeckyJo32's response:
My moms best friend kept hers in as is cause she was small entire time but she thought she was gonna be big so went and had one custom made. thats what im gonna do cause i have mine pierced too
jennzza responded:
I took out my piercing, my clothes aren't fitting already and it was just uncomfortable to leave it in. I've had my belly piercing since I was 19 so maybe it won't close but it prob will... oh well!
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jmk6207 replied to jennzza's response:
don't count on it closing! I had mine pierced at 16 and took it out at 20 when I got engaged thinking that would give it plenty of time to close before we decided to have children. Well it is now five years later and my piercing is still very much open! I am not planning to start wearing a bar in it now that I am pregnant and I am hoping because it is such an old piecing I may luck out and not get any bad scarring :S
BeckyJo32 replied to jmk6207's response:
just ordered a maternity belly ring from its flexible and can be cut to fit, its a simple one at $5.99 but they have a wide variety of charms and balls

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