week 10
jenebabe04 posted:
so i am 10 weeks pregnant today with my first child. I see the doctor for the first time next week. So far i have had no morning sickness or hardly any symptoms besides moodiness and fatigue. I have always heard that having morning sickness is a healthy sign of pregnancy, so if I'm not having morning sickness is that a bad sign? Anyone else think they feel "too good" to be preggo?
Rubysrred responded:
With both of my first babies I had no morning sickness and had a very pleasant pregnancy. So that is completely normal everyone is different and so is every pregnancy b/c for me this time around with baby #3 I have not just morning sickness but ALL DAY sickness so consider yourself lucky! I am happy that mine has started to go away as I am almost 12 weeks now. Anyway congrats and good luck with your pregnancy!
--Me (27), DH (28), DS (9), DS (6) and EDD 5/29/2011
frances03 responded:
Hi im not pregnant yet but, I have three kids and do not have morning sickness with any of them. And they are all very, very smart. Go with the to good with being preggo the last tri you will be asking for these time back. Good luck
mamabear120 replied to frances03's response:
i'm pregnant with my first as well. i'm 12 weeks and for the first 7 weeks i really had NO symptoms at all. i have mild nausea but have not thrown up.

to not have ms is totally normal so don't worry. some women have it, and others don't. consider yourself lucky!