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Friable Cervix
Stkenyon posted:
First off, what a horrible name for a condition! Second, please tell me that someone else out there has been diagnosed with this so I don't feel like it's just me.

I didn't have this with my first pregnancy so it's really freaking me out. I'll be at 12 weeks tomorrow and I can't believe this is happening so close to the end of the first trimester.

I started spotting brownish pink blood Thursday at noon. It scared me, so I went to the OB. Heartbeat was great at 165. Spotting eased so I went home. At 3pm I started bleeding bright red blood, about a teaspoon on a pad. You can imagine my fear at this point! I called the doctor and she put me on bed rest for the rest of the day and told me to call back if I soaked a pad in an hour. She also wanted me to return to the office on Friday at noon. Thankfully nothing showed up on the pad the next 19 hours, but I still had spotting every time I wiped. At my appointment the heartbeat again was perfect at 172. The doctor was not too concerned, said she sees it more often than I'd think. She diagnosed me with friable cervix and told me to take it easy over the weekend. There still hasn't been anything on the pad and yesterday the blood was brown when I wiped so I figured, brown is old, so that's better than red. Nothing overnight, then this morning when I wiped it was very little, but pink!

Will I have this the entire pregnancy? Thanks in advance for your responses, I'd really appreciate hearing your experiences.
Me (35) DH (43) DS (18 mo.) Baby 2 is an IVF Baby; EDD is June 6th
KrissyDiaz responded:
Sorry I dont know about this and havent experainced it myself but I found this web site. May be it could help.
good luck
Katarina2012 responded:
Im having same issue but a lot more bleeding. When I get home to Washington state, im going to double check with my doctor to see if everything i still going good. The first time i went to the emergency room for the bleeding it was lite and the heart rate was strong. I hope our little ones survive to become strong smart people.

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