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6 weeks pregnant very light pinkish color on TP should i be worried?
britc23 posted:
Okay so im 6 weeks and 3 days i just found out yesterday :) i went to the bathroom this morning and saw a slight light pink color on the tp do i need to be worried this is my first pregnancy and idk what to expect i heard its nothing to worry about unless its bright red or cramping is involved and i dont have signs of anything just slight discomfort and bloating (my friend said she has slight discomfort and slight camping with her pregnancies but its was the growing pains) so what do i need to worry my first appt is next friday cause its the only time my friend can give me a ride :/ so please respond
Thank You
CowinBaby responded:
I know its super scary and something very very similar happened to me just a few weeks ago when I was just a few days short of 6 weeks. I had pale pink and dark brown spots on the tp, no cramps or pain. I of course spazzed out (first baby) and called my doctor who got me in the next morning. But since I was too early to see a heartbeat, all they could do was draw blood and then draw blood again in a few days to see HCG levels. So....more waiting. During the waiting days I made myself sick with fear, reading all these horror stories. But when I got my blood drawn the second time, it was all good! The spotting stopped after 3 days and now I'm 9 weeks and have seen the little peanut's heartbeat :)
So I would say just see your doc and moniter your HCG levels with them.....but just breathe. Im sure everything is fine :)
britc23 replied to CowinBaby's response:
thank you soo much :) im waiting for the nurse to call me back cause im trying to make my first apt. with a new doctor a doctor thats really good my friend said shes been with her through 2 pregnancies so im just waiting trying not to worry :) cause i know thats not good. how as your neasua if i may ask mine comes and goes its weird but no vomiting
CowinBaby replied to britc23's response:
I've only thrown up once, but that was because I was smart and took prenatals on an empty stomach. Mostly I'll be queasy most of the day with some waves of nausea at night. Everyone says it will stop at the 2nd trimester though

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