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6 weeks and it still feels like my period is coming on..
butterfly0 posted:
i am 6 weeks and 2 days. it still feels like my period is coming on. im so bloated and uncomfortable. its very light and uncomfortable cramps. i dont remember it feeling like this when i was preggo 5 years ago with my 4 year old son. should i be worried? i promise it feels like my period is going to start any minute. any advice or info would help. thanks!!
kimberly1829 responded:
I feel the exact same way! I am 4 weeks, 3 days and I have that low, dull cramping in my abdomen. I actually woke up in the night thinking that I had started my period. I am crabby and my boobs are sore, so if anyone has any advice or info, I will take it too!
britc23 responded:
im 6 weeks 4 days today and i have the mild cramping and i was told by my friend that its normal its your body adjusting for your bby, your uterus is growing so its going to feel uncomfortable and i also took a couple tums last night for the cramping and i found out it was just gas built up it went away in like 10 min :) i haven't had it today yet. you could call your doctor if you want to and have that reassurement but as long as there no red blood or sharp painful pain you should be fine :) hope that helped!
MrsEvydev responded:
I am 5w2d and still occassionally feel the mild cramping. Went to my doctor on this past Tuesday and he advised this is normal. Drink more water, it helps to relieve a bit. In addition, I've noticed that if I have tinkle I feel cramps and after I go it helps to relieve as well.
butterfly0 replied to MrsEvydev's response:
thanks!! i went to the doctor yesterday and he told me it was fine unless it was painful and/or accompied by blood.. alot and bright red..
mommyin2011 replied to butterfly0's response:
iM 6 wks today and it feels like im going to start my period too! everytime i use the restroom, i check to see if i started. its driving me nuts. everyones says that as long as there is no bleeding and the cramps are mild (which they are) dont worry. i just want the next 34wks to go by quickly!
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jlbwondering35 responded:
Lurking from 3rd trimester...I felt the exact same way for the first 7 weeks or so. Even was woken up in the middle of the night with bad cramping. Went in for an ultrasound and all was great! Here I am in week 29 :-) H&H 9 months to everyone!
butterfly0 replied to jlbwondering35's response:
thanks.. i have waken up at night too. i am 7 weeks today. but i feel better. maybe we should start asking the ones that are farther along the questions. lol

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