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Very Sore!!! *TMI
mommyin2011 posted:
I am 5wks 4dys along and I have to say that my breasts are so sore! Is anyone else like this?
ok...a little graphic:
my nipples and areolas are so sore to the touch. and my nipples are hard 24/7...this is my first baby, so I don't know what to expect, but is this normal? they hurt so bad. My MIL says that I might be having twins-that why they hurt so bad lol
Me (28) DH (26) 2 fur babies (Rizzo & Gracie - both 1yrs old) - expecting our 1st little miracle on July 31, 2011!
jlc78 responded:
Yep, it can be normal and not necessarily a sign of twins. My boobs were extremely sore during the first trimester with my 1st DC. I think it only lasted a few weeks though.
Me(32) DH(33) and our babes DS(3) DD(2) and Baby 3 due 8/4 ... yellow team!
britc23 responded:
omgosh yeah mine were the same way! i couldn't even wear a regular bra! i still cant i have to wear a sports bra im 6 weeks and 4 days they aren't as tender now as they were a week or two ago so it does get better, but they still are hard all the time its so werid lol haha this is my first baby too and i didn't know what to expect i didn't know i was prego till i took the test. i was like what?! lol but ive never read anything about the whole twins thing.
BTW congratulations!!!
melissah210 replied to britc23's response:
Lurking from 2nd trimester..

Yall are ok..Good news is that it does go away as far as when does it go away, everyone is different.

For me keeping them in a bra and sports bra together helped, I also would sit a warm cloth on the twins.. (boobies)

Never heard of the twins wise tale..

Congratulations lady and prepare yourself for changes these next few weeks, nausea, vomiting, fatique, emotions, pain (especially in the pelvic area),eating. Name it you will most likely endure it but dont be afraid to ask your doctor or the ladies here on webmd. Trust me I have been on this site with my previous kids and I have seen some questions and asked questions that I thought were embarassing to ask the doctor or others and I got plenty of help/advice here.. Of course any concerns is always good to run though your doctor as well..

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mommyin2011 replied to melissah210's response:
Thank you all! they are still very, very sore. I pressed on them last night and felt something hard. a friend of mine said that its my milk ducts coming soon? I also get light cramping in my lower abdomen...normal? no bleeding, just a little cramp. mostly happens when im sitting or laying down.
Me (28) DH (26) 2 fur babies (Rizzo
wmatto83 replied to mommyin2011's response:
Yep you are completely normal! Especially the boob thing mine are still sore and I am 12 weeks along! Not as sore as they were in teh beginning. I am not very "big" chested to begin with tho and I think that might play a role in soreness. As far as the cramping yes absolutely normal! You will have that here and there as long as it is not breathtaking and there isn't bleeding associated with it your fine. Congrats and good luck!
mommyin2011 replied to wmatto83's response:
thanks. i was worried about the cramping. it just took so long to get here, i want to do everything i can to stay!!
Me (28) DH (26) 2 fur babies (Rizzo

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