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tips to quit smoking????
mystical_skyy posted:
hi ladies,

i just found out that we are expecting. i am 29 yrs old, married to my husband, 34, and have a 5 yr old boy. i have been a smoker since i was 13. i am going to stop new years and was wondering if anyone had any tips. thanks!!
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Congratulations and Welcome Mystical Skyy,

For support with your commitment to quit, check out our Smoking Cessation Community . For additional information see our Quit Smoking Health Center .

I admire your determination to take care of yourself and your family!

An_217997 responded:
There is a book called Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking. It sounds a little crazy--it's just a book. But, according to my husband and some friends, it works a miracle on your mind.

Read the amazon reviews. Good luck!
ShanunC responded:
lurking from 3rd.. ok so im not saying it cant be done.. and Im not here to judge (im 32 weeks prego and stil smoking 5 butts a day) i just cant manage to quit.. tried 100 different things.. and like you have been smoking since I was 13.. my doc is aware that I smoke.. I think you def need to be honest about that with your doc.. they need to know your smoking.. most docs wont give you a mouthfull just the usual its not healthy stuff..
its hard to quit.. while prego you cant use all the normal stuff..
HOWEVER if you are really really stuck.. im bipolar and have taken wellbutrin ... wellbutrin is also used to help people quit smoking.. it helps take the edge off and in low doses it is safe for depression during pregnancy..
so that would be my only advice.. and to just keep at it.. if you find something that works LET ME KNOW.. im in the 3rd tri board and would love to quit.. well not really i enjoy smoking big time.. but we dont smoke in the house or cars.. like I said 5 a day and that was before I was prego as well.. its just expensive and pointless.. i just enjoy that menthol.. I really do wish you the best of luck.. hang in there.. i hear the first 3 days are the worst..
Shanun/26 DH 29/ DD 24 months/ EDD 2/13/11

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