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7 week 4 day u/s measuring 6 weeks 1 day
cjacksoh posted:

I recently had a u/s done at what i thought was 7 weeks 4 day; however, the doctor measured 6 weeks 1 day. I also was carrying twins, but bled and it is thought that I miscarried one of the twins because there are now two sacs, but only one baby. We did see a heartbeat but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about measuring a week and a half behind?
sdadkin responded:
Are you absolutely sure of the date you conceived? My periods are always regular and when I had my first ultrasound it said I was due on May 15 which was 5 days later than what my due date is if I go by the first day of my last period. I just had my second ultrasound and this time the ultrasound said my due date would be May 13. I asked my doctor which due date we were going by and she said we would go by my last period. She said she only changes it when it is off by 2 weeks or more. Ultrasounds are not a hundred percent accurate. I would ask your doctor which due date they want to go by.
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EyzaatheBelle replied to sdadkin's response:
I am measuring a week behind as well...if I go by my period I am 14 weeks...but my dr says I am 13 weeks. Either due date is still the same with both...
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lenono97 responded:
My first ultrasound also said I was measuring a week behind what I think I am. I don't believe it. I know exactly when my last period was. Same thing happend with my first pregnancy. The 20 week ultrasound measured about a week behind. She was born exactly on her due date! I don't think they are entirely accurate.
An_218001 replied to lenono97's response:
Also remember that not every woman ovulates 2 weeks after the first day of her period. When due dates are determined by the first day of the last period, it's because a woman with a 28 day cycle would ovulate half way through the cycle. And that is a good method to go by when pinpointing conception is difficult. When I started using ovulation predictor kits, I realized that sometimes I wasn't ovulating until the 3rd week of my cycle and I didn't have 28 day cycles.
cjacksoh responded:
thanks for ur replies, eases my mind!
Supergurl17 replied to cjacksoh's response:
I am also showing a week and a half behind on my due date as well as my sister too, I just keep reminding myself that the due date is an estimate and nothing more :)

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