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4 Weeks 4 symptoms and no doctors appointment until 9th week
CPetrillo03 posted:
Hi...I found out I was pregnant last week..I took multiple HPT's that all came back positive...but I have not had any symptoms yet..and my first doctor's appointment is 2/15, is that normal?
Gonnamissmyson responded:
I didnt have any symptoms at all. With my first DD I did right away. This time nothing. Oh, the only thing was my breast were sore but thats about it. No morning sickness or anything, well until recently, im 11wks and about a week or 2 ago I started get m/s, no fun. Just be glad your not having any symtoms yet!
vtowncheergal05 responded:
I am about 4 days ahead of you and I just hit some symptoms of being tired, bloated, sore boobs, and peeing alot. With my last pregnancy I feel like I didn't have symptoms till I was around 6 weeks so I think it is normal not to feel different at first.
Most doctors see their patients for the first time before 8 weeks pregnant. That seems like a pretty long wait for the first visit. My first appointment is exactly at 6 weeks, next monday. I searched the internet like crazy to find an OBGYN who would meet earlier then 8 weeks (cause I had horrible morning sickness starting at 6 weeks last time so I need medicine quick) and do more than one ultrasound. My last doctor only did one routine ultrasound and this one will do at least 3 including the 6 week appointment. You should call around or search the internet to make sure there isn't a better OBGYN in your area.
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wed918 replied to vtowncheergal05's response:
I am so glad to hear that it is normal to have minimal symptoms (slightly sore nipples, minimal nausea) this early on, I am 5 weeks 3 Days, and I told my husband that I really dont know if I am still pregnant! I have my u/s Tuesday 1/18 and I am so anxious...
1stbaby2008 replied to wed918's response:
Lurking...yes, it is perfectly normal. Every pregnancy is different. I did not have any symptoms until I was close to 10 or 11 weeks. Most doctors will not schedule your first appt until you are at least 8 weeks, some do it a little sooner. Enjoy this time and don't rush the preggo symtoms....they will probably be here soon enough! Congrats!
rw1025 replied to 1stbaby2008's response:
Yes i would say i didn't have any symptoms when i first took the HPT. I think the signs will come within the next two weeks or so. Congrats!!
lauraleemartin responded:
I started having symptoms around five weeks. I am lucky, as I work in Labor and Delivery, and was able to "visit" with my OB much sooner than most!

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