First Pregnancy: 8.15.2011!!
memom2011 posted:
Hi all im back!
Is there anyone else that has no morning sickness!?!
i mean i feel very very sick but there is no vommiting just
internally feeling sick!?!
MrsEvydev responded:
Hi Memom2011, in the beginning I felt that way as well but as I got further along the vommitting commenced along with the feeling of illness. I also have the embarrassing gagging which happens spontaneously. I am now 12 weeks and praying this is the last week of vommitting, gagging and nausea.
ehoyt2 responded:
I felt the same but like Mrs Evydev I started vomiting later. I would prefer to vomit than feel sick most of the day. For me after i get sick I feel a little better.
APZ1980 responded:
With my first baby, I had no morning sickness at all. With this pregnancy (due Aug. 27th), I've had nausea at night and sometimes all day. However, I've only vomited once. I would rather just throw up and get it over with than feel sick all day.
TeriP10 responded:
I am about 7 weeks along, go to the dr next week for my 1st visit. I haven't had any morning sickness or any other signs I am pregnant except feeling more tired then normal. I am scared when I go next week to be told I am not pregnant. I've taken several test at diffrent times and days so I doubt they all can be wrong. Other pregnant friends are telling me be thankful. I hope your sickness passes and have a wonderful pregnancy.
mannsdeb responded:
I too am 6w4d pregnant and I don't have any morning sickness either and its kind of strange because I feel ok but feel sick internally like you said but no throwing up. I took a pregnancy test again just to make sure am still pregnant. Am able to eat without feeling a nausea either. So I guess we are blessed am enjoying it for right now.
Babyhopes614 responded:
I will be 7 weeks Thursday and I have had horrible nausea! No vomiting as of yet, but I wish there were a way for me to feel better besides just feeling like I could fall over dead all day! Have any of you heard of Zofran (sp)? A friend of mine tells me that it knocks out nausea instantly!
vtowncheergal05 replied to Babyhopes614's response:
I got a perscription yesterday for this and I took one before work this morning. I am 6 wk and 1 day and thought I was going to throw up this morning. Once I took it I felt so much better and did not feel sick all day. This time in my last pregnany I was already throwing up so I am pretty happy about how the medicine is working so far. You should call your OBGYN and get some ASAP!
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