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aprx 7 weeks pregnant & don't feel like it
TeriP10 posted:
Hello everyone. I am about 7 weeks pregnat, I go next week for my 1st doctors appointment. Has anyone out there been this far along and had no symptoms of pregnancy or barley any? I have been more tired then normal, and peeing a lot. No morning sickness, I did have breast tenderness a few weeks back but nothing now. I have taken a few HPT on different days and at different times, all are positive so I doubt they all can be wrong. I am just afraid I am going to go to the doctore next week and be told I am not pregnant. Any advice? Thanks in advance.
vtowncheergal05 responded:
I have had plenty of friends who displayed little to no symptoms of pregnancy. I have also had friends that had symptoms start at 8 weeks so maybe in the next week you will start having symtpoms? I just turned 6 weeks today and feel like I am going to lose anything I eat!
ME (23) DH (25) Aubree (1- Born Aug 6, 2009) BFP on December 31, 2010 EDD Sept 12, 2011! Team Yellow!
ericajbusse responded:
I was 7 weeks yesterday and feel exactly the same as you. More tired than usual and peeing more often but nothing else. I've taken extra tests too to make sure. I think we just need to count our blessings that morning sickness hasn't reared its ugly head! Good luck with your appt. I don't go til Feb 11.
Erica (35) DH (33) DS1 Gavin 1/19/05 DS2 Nathan 6/27/06 3 EDD 9/4/11.
anglynnrod replied to ericajbusse's response:
I totally understand where you are coming from. I feel the same way. Besides being tired and breast tenderness I feel good. Maybe we are the lucky ones...I too took another HPT at I think we are sooo used to hearing horror stories that we think something is wrong..Hang in there. I have until Feb 1st until i go to have my first ultrasound and i can't wait!
APZ1980 responded:
In my first pregnancy, I felt good all the way up until I was almost ready to give birth. I never had any morning sickness at all. It was a smooth pregnancy and delivery, so it's not necessarily anything to worry about. I'm not as lucky this pregnancy. I'm battling all-day nausea.

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