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Bleeding while pregnant after orgasm?
osu0sw11 posted:
This is pretty embarassing, but I am 7 weeks pregnant, and my hormones have taken over. I masturbated last night and this morning, when I went to the bathroom, I had some red bleeding when I wiped. I have gone to the bathroom since a few times, and the bleeding has stopped, although now there is a little brown when I wipe. Cramping off and on, but this is nothing new as I have had infrequent cramping for about a month now. I know my doctor has told me I might spot after sex, but wondered if anyone else has experienced this? I also had a transvaginal ultrasound yesterday, so didn't know if this was related. (Baby is doing fine, and we saw the heartbeat). I am so embarrassed and don't want to call the doctor unless I have to. I have an appointment already scheduled next week. I am freaking out, but wonder if it is normal? Anyone else experience this?
ashandchad responded:
I had something similar happen. It was right after sex. I was getting out of bed and I noticed quite a bit of bright red blood. I was really embarrassed. I went to the bathroom and it stopped. I would notice a hint of brown when I wiped. I had an appt the next day so I didnt call my doctor. I mentioned bleeding to the nurse and she asked if it was right after sex. She said it was pretty normal. It only did it the one time and I was about 7 weeks also.
osu0sw11 replied to ashandchad's response:
thank you so much for the response! it helps to know there are others out there who have experienced the same thing.
Bethy2sp responded:
I don't know if this is weird or not, but twice now I have had a dream that I was having sex with my husband and woke up to the feeling of an orgasm. I had a little cramping and spotted afterwards both times. The spotting stopped fairly soon afterwards both times. This happened to me at about 9 and 10 weeks. It is just a little scary because you can't control what you dream about and I don't really want it to happen again.
JenJ325 responded:
Youre okay. Same thing happens to me. I think its just related to when you are "masturbating" or having intercourse, it can cause youre muscles down there to kind of retract on and off which causes the spotting.. I know its scary though. Just one of the wonderful experiences of pregnancy LOL
osu0sw11 replied to Bethy2sp's response:
That would be pretty freaky. I have read that is normal during pregnancy but still a little scary nonetheless.
osu0sw11 replied to JenJ325's response:
no kidding! I am learning all kinds of new experiences!! It was scary. The nurse at my doctor's office said that since the bleeding did stop, it was probably from the ultrasound. She told me no sex until my doctor appt. this Wed. just in case.
JenJ325 replied to osu0sw11's response:
yeah same thing with me. when it first happened they wanted me on pelvic rest til the ultrasound. its crazy all the scary things that happen during pregnancy... its like oh jeez, whats gonna happen next?! lol
Shar1184 responded:
Ok, this same thing happened to me just 2 days ago. I'm about 6 weeks pregnant. And this was the first time I had sex since I've found out. When I climaxed I noticed there was blood and I got scared because I've already had 2 miscarriages last year and this is my third try and I don't want to lose the baby again. Anyways, I went to the bathroom and cleaned up. After that I've had slight cramping and very light spotting. I was told this is normal and after reading everyone's stories I see it's happened to other women but, I don't know I'm just scared. My husband keeps assuring me its completely normal to bleed like this as long as its not heavy and consistently flowing. It's just on tissue when I wipe. It hasn't shown up on my pad at all. I'm confused... Am I still pregnant or have I lost my baby for the third time in a row? Please help!
bump922 responded:
I can related to your embarrassment, hence while I'm on-line. don't mean to get so technical, but I feel it is necessary while asking this question. We haven't been too "active" lately, since I haven't felt the urge during this first tri. Sometimes when I'm a bit "pent-up" or it's been awhile, I have the tendency to release a significant amount of fluid. Normally (when I'm not pregnant) this can often stimulate the beginning of my cycle or simply cause a release of a clot or spotting. Today (11 weeks into my first pregnancy) I am still bleeding a few hours later and cramping. I am petrified!! Can anyone advise!?!?

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