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7w along, does anyone else feel like a giant cow already!?!
Babyhopes614 posted:
I haven't gained any weight and I have been super sick. But for some reason my pants don't fit and shirts look like I bought them in the kid's section! Please tell me I am not the only one who feels absolutely HUGE?
ashandchad responded:
I am 11wks 4 days. I started feeling big at 6 weeks. Both my pants and shirts were too tight. I still have not gained any weight and I am showing. I am going to get some maternity clothes this week. I cant button or zip my pants and am down to t-shirts.
marchbabee replied to ashandchad's response:
I am 12w4d, and can't button any of my pants. I've been wearing Be Band (super cheap from Target) to keep my pants up at work. I broke down 2 weeks ago and bought some maternity jeans b/c my jeans were making my stomach hurt! I have put some weight on since my first ultrasound at 7 weeks, but my quesiness has definitely subsided, so I'm eating more now. But, I'm trying to make good choices when choosing what I eat, and not give in to bad temptations!
As for shirts, mine are still fitting fine. I have a longer torso, so I always buy shirts a little bigger so they don't turn in to belly shirts after 1 washing! I also broke down and ordered some maternity work pants off of Old Navy this morning. I know I shouldn't be concerned with gaining weight, but I'm a pretty petite person who never gains weight (I've been 120 forever!) The one plus is my boobs grew! That was super exciting to buy my first B cups ever :)
MommyManda replied to marchbabee's response:
Hm.. I may have to check out these Be Bands. I work in a bank and my dress pants are definitely getting a little snug. Sad part is that I just bought them about early December. lol. I'm 11w3days. And think I'm definitely showing. Only down side, is that my bf and I are keeping this a secret! Lol, We've had two miscarriages and want to make sure this one is good to go before we go getting everyone excited again. Just praying Valentine's Day comes quick cause that's the day we are planning to tell. Oh, and definitely agree with the boob situation! But omg, Mine hurt SOOO bad!!!! I'm orginially a B and I've already pumped up to a C.
ME-21 BF-24, 1m/c 08/23/09, 2m/c 08/23/10 Currently expecting...EDD 08/10/11
ashandchad replied to MommyManda's response:
We havent told everyone yet. I am getting married Saturday and keeping this a secret from some people has been a challenge because I am definatley showing. I also love my bigger boobs but they HURT!! Thankfully we only have to wait a few more days to tell everyone and but that time I will be 12 weeks. I got some belly bands from Motherhood Maternity but they are not working so well because they are not tight enough yet so I am constantly having to pull them down which is awkward. I think I will be checking out the Be Bands!
MommyManda replied to ashandchad's response:
Aw Well Congrats on the wedding too!! Yea, I'm thinking as long as I can get through my 12 week appointment on the 1st and everything turns out okay, then it's kind of free game to tell. But I'd still like to wait another week or two. Just not sure the belly is going to be able to keep the secret much long! lol
ME-21 BF-24, 1m/c 08/23/09, 2m/c 08/23/10 Currently expecting...EDD 08/10/11
crumcake responded:
I feel huge, but completely embarassing, it's from gas.

This morning I didn't look pregnant, but by this afternoon my tummy has swollen to 4-month range!

I just posted a discussion topic about it ... but maybe you're having the same problem as me? I'm 9-10wks, and haven't really gained weight - just gas!
marchbabee replied to crumcake's response:
How exciting that you're getting married this weekend! Hope it's a beautiful day :)

Crumcake, I feel ya! Right now, I look like I'm 9 months pregnant with gas! I am so bloated. So, I go looking for some tums in my purse b/c I'm in some serious pain, and low and behold, they expired in August! Darn it! Guess I just have to suffer through it another 3 hours until I can go home and curl up in the fetal position. DH doesn't know what he's in for tonight!
luktastic44 responded:
yes i think im only 6 week s along and sometimes i feel like a planet! lol i dont have sickness though my husband has that for me lol and i just get tired all the time and heartburn but my pants are tight and my shirts keep rididng up too lol
jk2000co responded:
I am 6 weeks, I have gained 4 lbs and 7 inches on my waist. Thats with eating extremely healthy

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