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monkey910 posted:
I was just wondering how earlier everyone heard there babies heart beat. On a doppler I know a lot of people have seen them on an ultrasound. My doctor isn't going to do an ultrasound until i'm about 20 weeks and will use the doppler at my next appointment when i'm 12 weeks. I have my own doppler that I bought with my last pregnancy. I'm 10 weeks now and the only heart beat I can hear is one around 80 bpm and I know that that is to slow to be the babies and was wondering if that's just mine. I know I'm probably just making myself worry for no reason and that i'm sure i'm just to early to hear it. I'm just scarred with my history.
marchbabee responded:
I believe 10 weeks is too early. So, you are just hearing your own. I too have my 12w appointment this week, and am hoping I can finally hear the heartbeat. I had an ultrasound last Friday, and it was still a strong little heartbeat, but the tech didn't offer for us to hear it. But, I think a good rule of thumb is by 12 weeks, you should be able to. But, I've also heard of people where it's a little later. Don't worry if it is, and if you do get to hear it, congrats!
vtowncheergal05 responded:
I read a post earlier about this and the girl had an at home doppler. She got it to work at 10 weeks but said she HAD to have a REALLY full bladder. She said at only 10 weeks that is the only way she could get it to work. I hope this helps!
ME (23) DH (25) Aubree (1- Born Aug 6, 2009) BFP on December 31, 2010 EDD Sept 12, 2011! Team Yellow!
monkey910 replied to vtowncheergal05's response:
thanks ladies! I know I shouldn't worry to much about it since it is early but I can't help it. My worrying gets the best of me sometimes
marchbabee replied to monkey910's response:
Don't apologize! We all worry, it's only natural! :) Hope you get a HB!
cherryluvin replied to monkey910's response:
I know that even my dr with my last pregnancy tried to use the doppler at 10 weeks to get the heartbeat and couldnt and said that it isnt a big deal because if it was up to her they wouldnt do it til at least 12 weeks because before that it is really hard to get. Had a healthy baby boy at 39 wks and not getting a heartbeat at 10 wks didnt affect him one bit.
monkey910 replied to cherryluvin's response:
Thanks ladies! Yeah my doctor isn't going to do one until i'm 12 weeks but I couldn't help but try to find it myself. I'm also freaking myself out cause I feel like i'm not getting any bigger either my pants still fit and aren't feeling any tighter. I think I'm just worrying myself to much. I just thought since this is my second pregnancy I would start showing faster.
mommyin2011 responded:
Hi. Im 13w5d and I just heard my babys HB on Tuesday (13w2d). Before the doctor started on me, he said that it still might be too early. But we heard it loud and clear! and baby was kicking too!! :) Its an amazing sound and you will hear it soon!.

Good Luck
Me (28) DH (26) 2 fur babies - BFP on 11/25/10! EDD: 7/31/11
marchbabee replied to mommyin2011's response:
I went to the doctor on Friday at 13w1d and my doctor told me at that point I should be hearing a heartbeat. If she couldn't find one, she said we'd go to the ultrasound machine and search for the baby.
Low and behold, the second she turned the doppler on, there it was, the heartbeat! My doctor's exact words: "I like this baby! I didn't have to hunt or anything!" Music to my ears :)

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