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    Gas..eep help
    crumcake posted:
    I looked at the discussion board and haven't seen it mentioned - but is anyone else having a problem with gas?

    Not so much tooting, but I'm having a terrible time with gas in the last week (I'm betwen 9&10wks). My stomach has become painfully swollen almost everyday.

    I can't figure out what food makes it better or worse, b/c it seems like nothing is good.

    I've tried hot (decaf) tea, which helped prior to pregnancy, but to no avail.

    Any tips or suggestions? I'd welcome ANYTHING :)
    marchbabee responded:
    I just answered your other post in the previous discussion. But, I have found tums helped me. But, right now I'm in agony too! I don't feel the need to toot, but there is so much air build up, it can't be healthy!
    Right now all foods do it to doesn't matter what I eat. By the end of the day I have extreme bloat!
    crumcake replied to marchbabee's response:
    I'm trying something today...after each meal I'm going to drink hot water with either lime or this ginger/lemon tea I have.

    I read that hot water with lemon would help, but I didn't have any lemons at the house. I'm hoping anything with acidity will cut through the air.

    I'll let you know if it works...
    marchbabee replied to crumcake's response:
    Yes! Let me know how it works b/c I was in agony yesterday! HAHA! I also think I pin pointed what made it so bad yesterday as opposed to other days: I ate hummus with my carrot sticks. Hummus gave me gas even before I was pregnant, but it sounded so good at the time! Maybe I'll try to avoid that today, and things will be better. I mean, I'll still have gas, but maybe not as painful!
    hgreenwood7058 responded:
    Do let me know if that works too! I am early in bregnancy between 4-8 weeks but am having that issue now. That an I am pretty tired too. Any ideas for that would be helpful too.
    crumcake replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
    Okay, 24hours later....drinking hot water with either lime or the ginger/lemon tea seemed to have worked. I didn't have any problems yesterday and that was after eating rice & beans(!) for lunch. It was a little annoying drinking nothing but warm/hot water, but at least it's winter time.

    As an aside, I did call my doctor and she said I could have GasX. Not sure if that holds true for everyone, but figured I'd let you know.

    I think I'll put this in the tip section :)

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