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Joining you! I think???
nyak3911 posted:
Hi ladies,
So I believe I am joining you- I think?? I am a bit confused, and I don't want to get ahead of myself.
My period is not due until about Sunday (I track my cycles) but I just had a 'feeling'. I have taken two HPTs yesterday and today and both have very faint line, at what I believe to be 10dpo and 11dpo respectively. The line is very faint but definitely there. I used the First Response Early Result test for both.
So, my question is, how likely is it that I really am pregnant? I don't want to get ahead of myself. I called my doctor, and they said they won't see me until 8 weeks after my last period.
What do you think? TIA!
sdadkin responded:

When I took my first pregnancy test with this pregnancy I too had a very faint line. So, I went out and bought a digital test just to make sure and it said "Pregnant". So, it is more than likely that if there was a second line there that you are pregnant no matter how faint the line is! Congratulations!!!
Me (25) SO (25) DS (7/22/09) EDD (5/10/11)
An_218049 responded:
I have to agree with sdadkin..... I test one day after my missed period and also got a faint line. I used the First response test too. I am in fact not 9 weeks along now with my first, yay!

Also, a close friend of mine tested 2 weeks before her missed period because she just "felt" funny. She too had a very faint line and it was pregnant.

From what I read if you get even the faintest line on those you should start to treat your body like you are pregnant.
nyak3911 responded:
Thanks girls! I guess I just don't want to get ahead of myself, but I will have to assume I am PG.

My period is not due until Sunday, so I am going to have to fight the urge to test every single day for the next few days. I'm going to try and wait so as not to spend a small fortune on HPTs!

Will keep all posted. Stick baby stick!
marchbabee replied to nyak3911's response:
I would test next with the digital like the PP said. No matter how faint the line, you are PG. When I tested for this one, it was 5 days before AF and I did it with the digital b/c I didn't want any debate about it...sure enough, it camee back BFP!
avenged1988 responded:
tested 2wks before my pd was due because i was having morning sickness (this is not my first rodeo:) ) well, there was the happy faint line and now im almost nine weeks with a healthy pregnancy (so far). good luck!!!
vtowncheergal05 responded:
I got a faint positive 9 dpo with FRER and I am currently over 8 weeks pregnant Congrats!
ME (23) DH (25) Aubree (1- Born Aug 6, 2009) BFP on December 31, 2010 EDD Sept 12, 2011! Team Yellow!
hgreenwood7058 responded:
I took two of those types of tests and got faint positives too. Then I went and got the clear blue test that just flat out tells you if you are pregnant and sure enough I was. If there is a faint line its a positive none the less just means that you are early in your pregnancy. I have taken a total of 3 early response, and 2 clear blue easy and a blood test all of which were positive lol. Just wanted to be sure. Super excited. Good luck!
nyak3911 responded:
Thanks for all the input girls. Sure enough, AF was due today, and is a no show. Now that I am officially 'late' I am going to test again either tomorrow or the following day.

I was going to get a digital, but then I'm wondering if I should get more FRER tests just to compare and see if the line is darker. I actually emailed my OBGYN (LOL I know I'm weird) and told him what was going on, he also said I was probably preggo, but to test after AF and that the line should be darker. He told me if it wasn't to call me, so now I'm a bit nervous, although I'm sure it will be fine. With my 1st, I was getting negative test until AF was well over a week late. With #2, I got a dark BFP the day I was to get AF. So we shall see.

I will probably spend too much and buy both digital and the traditional 2 line test. Hoping all goes well!!

Thanks again girls, looking forward to getting to know you all

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