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pregnancy dreams!
5ylver posted:
Early this morning I had a scary dream I just can't shake off. I had a dream that I wandered out of bed to see why my fiancee wasn't in bed yet and if maybe he needed help bringing anything upstairs. When I walked out I saw him rub my sister's belly (he HATES my sister in real life) and he doesn't touch anyone even a pregnant family member. Well I asked about it and he said it was nothing. Then later in the dream he brought it up and told me to ask all I want to know, so I asked him why my sister looked like she's packing on weight and he was rubbing her belly and he told me "she's having our baby" ("ours" as in him and her) I woke up after that, just heated. He was at work when I woke up but I didn't even want to see him when I woke up anyways. It took me over an hour to shake it off and go back to bed. When I went back to bed the dream picked up where it left off!!! (really? that never happens when I want it to) He continued to apologize to me and try had to shave my legs, which was random lol

It felt so real but DF HATES my sister because of how she's treated me in the past and how she treats her kids so there's not really any validity to my dream. I just could not help but wake up and be so angry at him, luckily he was at work during all of this. I still feel weird idk what to say when he gets home. I looked up pregnancy dreams and it's common to have dreams of cheating or being cheated on, they can represent fear of how the child will affect your relationship, or can have something to do with how pregnant women feel about their looks.

Tell me about your pregnancy dreams, and what you think they might mean, or if you have any advice about deciphering dreams please share your thoughts ladies.
JenJ325 responded:
I have also had some crazy pregnancy dreams and I truly do believe that they are somehow related to some inner fears you may have.. Like for instance, my bf used to smoke weed quite frequently and and a little when we first got together.. And I basically told him that he either was going to be with me or he was gonna smoke weed, but not both. Ive long straightened up my life and I already had a daughter when him and I got together and there is no way in hell I was gonna let a pot head hang around my daughter. So he quit. But since Ive been pregnant again I have been having dreams of catching him smoking weed.. Of him cheating, this and that.. And hes such an honest, straightforward, caring person and I just think its all these fears I have and insecurities coming through in my sleep. Cuz lets face it, none of us feel like we look like a million bucks with big bellies and stretch marks..

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