hgreenwood7058 posted:
My hcg levels went from 2600 to 1200. As you can tell I have had a miscarriage. I hope the best for all of you and pray that yours will stick. I don't wish this on anybody.
mommyin2011 responded:
I am so sorry for your loss! My prayers are with you and your family.
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lhilleary responded:
I'm so sorry for your loss. Prayers are with you to get through this very difficult time.
marchbabee replied to lhilleary's response:

I'm so sorry for your loss. After my 2nd loss, I was a mess. I was so sad for so long, but I learned I needed to lean on those around me. My mom flew out to see me, my girlfriends already had a trip planned, and my DH was amazing. I also got angry that this kept happening, and started doing research on what possible causes could be. That's how I found these boards, through my research. When I went in for my m/c appointment, I didn't think I could possibly have any more tears to cry, but I did :( But, I asked a lot of questions which led to my doctor ordering some tests to see what was going on. They found I had low progesterone, and started me on a supplement. I'm only telling you all of this so that as you move through the grieving, hopefully you can take something away from this, and get some answers.
Again, I am so sorry for your loss, and wish only good things to come to you in the future.