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Just found out, unsure of last period.
Expectingnumber2BoyPlease posted:
I just recently(2 nights ago) found out I was expecting baby number 2! My daughter is 2 1/2 and will be 3 in August! It's going to be a journey thats for sure, but I am up for it! I just cannot remember my last cycle, It was no longer than 2 months ago, and it only lasted 3 days. I just cant remember when it was!
BeautifullyBlessed responded:
Congratulations!!! exciting!!!

So, you're guessing you are about 6 weeks or so? Are you having any symptoms yet?
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Expectingnumber2BoyPlease replied to BeautifullyBlessed's response:
Yes I am having symptoms!! Ahh! I'm guessing I am probably around 6 weeks...I have an appt Thursday so I will know for sure!! Right now I just got on to ask another question...I am having really bad cramping, like period cramps but NO bleeding, no pink or anything. Is it normal? Or should I be worried?

And thank you!
mommyin2011 replied to Expectingnumber2BoyPlease's response:
when I first found out I was pg, I kept feeling like my period was going to start. cramping, bloating but never any bleeding. I believe this is normal. im 18 wks now and everything is fine

congrats to you and good luck!!!!
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aries_sweetie replied to mommyin2011's response:
Same here i found out two days before vday i was pregnant because i was having severe cramps in my side and lower abs and back area and they did an ultrasound and found out i was preg and that i had cysts thus why i was hurting so bad. but they told me its normal to cramp during the start.

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