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Been on my mind...
hantersue posted:
I was laid off in Nov from a position where I would have been in the perfect position to have a baby, but alas, I'm not there anymore.

At the beginning of Feb I started a new position. It's just a long term (1-2 years) contract position. My thing is everything I read says you need to be at your current position for at least a year prior to taking your leave for the FMLA stuff to go into effect. And thats only for the company your actually working for. So if anyone had to follow the rules FMLA enforces it would be the temp agency I'm through rather than the company I'm actually doing the work for. So could the company I'm doing the work for cancel my contract?

Now I'm debating whether I bring it up early, and see what happens and I may have a chance to find a new position before I really start showing, or wait until I'm actually showing and I have to tell them and hopefully they'll still keep me on?

But either way, no matter where I go, I still won't have been there for the full year that the FMLA requires - so I'm kinda stuck altogether. Does anyone have some insight or know anything more about this? What would you do? What are my rights? Thanks for any insight!
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noelle1225 responded:
I don't know all the FMLA guidelines bc my position is technically a PRN or Occasional position, i.e... i never know what I'll work from one week to the next and I have no benefits. We are lucky that my hubby has good bennies at his work:)

I suspect you are stuck, and if that turns out to be the case after you've looked into it more, I would say to wait a while to tell them, that way, whether they let you go or not at least you managed a few more months of work b4 you have to go the unemployment route or find something else bc in this economy, depending on your career, your options on other employment may be limited. When you do tell them you can always swing it the whole "wanted to make sure the pregnancy was viable" route to make it seem less like you were trying to deceive them.
mommyin2011 responded:
I have been at my current job since July 2010 as a temp. I was hired in November 2010. Since they count from my actual hire date, I do not qualify for FMLA. Also, I do not have job protection since I haven't been working for the company for 12 months. I was told that I could ask for PFL (paid family leave) through the state and that can give you about 6 extra wks. So, it will be up to your company to keep on the payroll or not.

Good luck!!
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