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Slight Cramping
KarenCovert posted:
Hello, I am 4w3d and I am having just a slight cramp on my right side. Is this normal? This is my first pregnancy and I am not sure what is normal and what isnt. I have read that most women do have slight cramping, but I also read that miscarriages tend to have you cramping on one side more then the other.
I am not bleeding and have had no signs of bleeding. But, this week I was supposed to start my period so do you think that may be why I am cramping?
Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. This pregnancy is overwhelming and sometimes I think I sike myself out more then anything. I read all the bad and then one little twitch has me worried. Hopefully I am not alone in this.
sweets1988 responded:
had cramping all last week and i only found out today that im expecting. im 4 weeks 2 days along with my second baby and my doctor said cramping is normally fine cus there is so much going on in there. but if there is sharp pain on either side, to come in asap to the ER cus it could mean an entropic pregnancy. Or to call if you start spotting. but if it is only cramping i would try to relax. stressing is never good for you or the baby. You can always call a nurse or doctor for questions. they expect you to have questions. i would suggest yoga or at least stretching with calming breathing if your worried. its relaxing and helps you get in tune with your body. Good luck hun. if you want a buddy through all this let me know. ive gone through it once and im the same due date as you so might be nice ^_^
KarenCovert replied to sweets1988's response:
Thanks. Mostly it is on my right side, but sometimes I get a cramp on my left. It isnt sharp or stabbing, but I can feel that its there.
I am worried to death that it is bad. I am trying to not worry, but I have always been a person who worries about things. Wish I wasnt such a worrier, but that is me.
Yea, having a person going through the same things at the same time would help
I sent my email in a post to your original post.

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